Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation is good for Microcirculation

Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation is good for Microcirculation

Did you know that the underlying problem of many chronic conditions is poor micro-circulation? And what is micro-circulation? It is an incredible network of little capillaries that distributes blood throughout the body . If you ever saw the "Body" exhibit and looked at that intricate network of small blood vessels, you understand how far reaching it is. It delivers the oxygen and nutrients to the cells and transport all waste products from the tissues. It is one of the most important aspects if not the most important aspect of well-being. If micro-circulation is impaired, you know that where ever there is no blood flow there is an impairment of cell function. Most anybody in the medical world understands this problem; yet, most do not address it or do not understand how to address it. Instead, we are given medications with sometimes severe side-effects, and as a last resort they operate. Or maybe it is not a last resort either! But some fault lies with the patient as well who is always looking for the quick fix. If we have a chronic sickness, we did not get it over night. For many it will have taken years to develop. The sad thing is, however, that we also see more and more problems in the health of young people and even children. We probably can blame our own life-style with lack of activity and poor nutrition. We can change that. But we also have to deal with environmental factors that will affect micro-circulation in a negative way. But there is hope! Extensive research in Europe in the field of pulsed-electro-magnetic-energy has led to a new cutting edge approach to regulate and positively influence micro-circulation.

When you experience impaired blood flow through the capillary system, your cells will not receive the oxygen and nutrients they need for cell function. Among other requirements, we need oxygen for ATP (Adenosine Tri Phosphate) production and nutrients for the cell to maintain itself. So, why is ATP important? This is our energy source, and we need to produce it daily......all 165 lbs of it in a healthy individual. Unfortunately, we do not store it somewhere. Half of it goes towards maintaining cell membrane potential (a voltage charge on the cell membrane) and the other half goes for protein synthesis (repair protein, information protein, etc.) An optimal level of cell membrane potential assures that oxygen and nutrients can enter easily and wastes can exit the cell. That means the cell will perform well. If ATP is lacking, the cell membrane potential is disrupted and the cell will not work well. So , when you feel tired you can be sure that your cells feel tired, too. Therefore, if not enough ATP is produced, you can be sure there is not adequate micro-circulation. A prolonged impaired condition such as this will lead to chronic ATP deficiencies and then to chronic conditions. By the time you feel the symptoms all this has already been going on for a while and unnoticed.

BEMER (Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation) 3000 addresses exactly this problem. The full body mat ensures that one application reaches all of the body. Its very unique signal, which is patented, achieves the following:


  •  15% increased venous oxygen utilization,
  •  > 18% increase in ATP production,
    - 19% improvement of spontaneous arteriole vasomotion,
  • 21% increased venous capillary blood flow,
  •  24% increased number of blood perfused capillary nodal points,
  •  Great improvement of adhesion and roll action of white blood cells,
  •  Subjects in exercise reported greater energy levels and performance and less soreness due to faster
    removal of lactic acid.
    (studies performed at the Institute for Microcirculation, Berlin, Germany)
  • The results were so significant that even elite athletes now incorporate BEMER 3000 applications in their training and competition. But BEMER has significance with many health issues. It is used as a medical device in Europe and the rest of the world. In the USA it is the only PEMF device getting a 510K (low risk medical device) approval by the FDA. But let's not forget, prevention is always the best medicine. BEMER 3000 ensures continuous functioning of micro-circulation for your well-being.

Dr. Darius Homi Umrigar MD (AM)

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