Before you read about the clear mind, I want you to undergo a very simple and quick exercise (preferably done with closed eyes). After reading these three steps, follow them and then continue reading.


• Put your laptop / computer on sleep mode and close your eyes. Observe your thoughts and see what kind of thought processes are going on in your mind.

• Think of an important task that you would like to take up in the near future and the course of action to be taken regarding the same.
• Think of the priorities that you have for the remaining part of the day.

Now ask yourself a question:
How clear are you about your priorities for the day and important tasks lined up in the near future?
Rate the level of clarity on a scale of 0 to 10, '0' being the state of ‘no clarity’ and ‘10’ being the state of ‘absolute clarity’. If you are totally clear, this exercise is redundant for you; but if your rating falls below 7, you need to proceed further.

Take in a deep breath and breathe out your confusion.
Take in a deep breath and breathe out your need for confusion.
Take in a deep breath and breathe out your resistance to let go of your confusion.

Now assess the level of clarity once again. The chances are there that you have already got the clarity. If not, repeat this exercise once again. If you are still not there, you need to understand your subconscious mind some more.


You have access to all solutions and all answers through your subconscious mind; provided your mind is clear. Because your mind is like water, if it loses its clarity, you lose sight of the precious gems lying in the deeper layers.

There are reasons why you lose clarity. There are reasons why you allow your mind to get affected. There are reasons why you live a better part of life without having due clarity or without even seeking clarity. Gaining clarity of the mind is the first step you need to take while leading your Mind.

This journey of a thousand miles begins with the very first step and the very first step is to clear your mind and see through your life with greater clarity and greater depth.

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