Contribute by being the boss in you set up.

A lady called up once feeling very helpless as her boss did not sanction her much deserved leave for a right reason. It took a while for her to work on her feeling and previous memories of helplessness which got triggered due to the denial and rejection. 
After a couple of days, she thought of applying once again for the leaves. However, this time she sought guidance from Redikall Healing Manual and chakra was PL10, which indicates that you contribute being the boss. She got the message right, re-programmed her mind, changed her attitude and approached her boss once again. This time she was not being a helpless victim. This time she chose to be the boss in the governing position. Though she maintained her polite approach, however, her energy had shifted and guess what? Her boss sanctioned the leaves!
This is not just one example. There are several examples. We do contribute by being an underdog, like a helpless victim, like a person who is left with no choice. OR you can contribute by being in a governing position. The reciprocation towards your contribution will shift as you bring in the shift in your approach and core intent behind the contribution. 

Redikall Soul Bath Statement is:

Redikall Healing Consciousness is purifying, energizing, completing, grounding and protecting my governance over my contribution.

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Comment by Arati on August 17, 2018 at 10:55am
Thank you Aatmn. RHC helps move into that space where just a verbal acknowledgement that “you’re the boss, be in charge” doesn’t work. Thank you RHC

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