How A Spirit Changed the Mind of a Skeptic – Facilitators of My Spiritual Journey

If you have read any of my previous posts, you realize that I am an avid animal lover. I have been drawn to animals from a very young age. My mother tells stories of me, just shortly after I took my first steps, venturing toward all types of animals. My life has been blessed with a variety of furry and feathery beings. As soon as I was of age to get a part time job, I began working at the local veterinary hospital. This is where I met my best friend, Natty. She was a black lab mix that came into the vet along with her two brothers. They were all very young and needed homes. I, too, was young. I was a teenager living at home. I brought this puppy home and Mom and Dad reluctantly agreed to let me keep her. Thus, a true soul friendship began. Natty grew with me. She lived through the trials of my life, travelled along side me, and moved from place to place. She was my fierce protector and most loyal companion.

Over the years, other stray and rescue animals came into our family. Natty accepted them all, always knowing her place in my heart. Not all that long ago, a little kitten showed up hungry and needing love. We took her in. After assessing her personality, I decided to name her Havoc. She lived every moment full of joy and fervour, and yes, created havoc wherever she went. She was a true pleasure to be around. She and Natty became close. After having Havoc in our lives for only a few months, Natty’s very old body began to give out on her. She could no longer function and she moved on to another place. My heart was filled with grief. The loss was a bit overwhelming, but I knew she had begun to suffer here and I would never want that for her. My other animals helped me through, especially little Havoc. I swear at times it was as if she could still see Natty in the room. When she did, I truly felt Natty’s spirit. Havoc continued her antics to keep me laughing and bring levity into my home.

Then, one day, it became very clear that Havoc was not well. I rushed her to the vet only to find that she had to undergo emergency surgery. Some rare internal problem prevented Havoc’s life from being saved. So, very close to the passing of my closest friend, I lost dear little Havoc. Her life had been so short. These two events happened right upon the heels of my mother’s very serious surgery. It was a very stressful time. I was living with two losses and wondering if I was going to lose my mother as well.

When faced with issues such as these, one can feel so helpless. I had no control over these situations and truly could not help the outcome. It is odd how things are placed in our paths when we seem to need them the most. Shortly after Havoc’s death, I was put in a position where I was able to rescue an animal that was being abused. I took action and placed this animal in a forever home with two of the most loving humans I know. It felt good to be able to assist in making something right in the world. It was as if this one step opened the doors wide. That same week, a mother dog and her pup showed up starving and a small-mixed breed dog strolled up to my home. I started networking to find these animals homes. In the meantime, I was dog sitting for family members. This particular week was completely devoted to animals. I had no time for anything else. I was caring for a total of about 19 animals. It was rewarding, but exhausting. At the end of the week, I spent an entire day travelling to transport the rescued animals to their new homes. During my travel home that night, I came upon species after species of animals. Another stray dog, a deer, a turkey, mourning doves, buzzards, a turtle, a snake, a cat, guinea hens, and a deer completed my short trip across town (I live in a very rural area). Then, when I finally got home, I very tiredly walked up on my front porch and there sat a totally emaciated calico cat! I actually looked around to see if someone was playing a joke on me. How many animals could possible show up in one week, or even one day? I opened the door, and in walked the cat.

I began to wonder what all of this meant. I spoke to a very insightful friend of mine and she said it was as if the animal kingdom was welcoming me and trying to send me a sign. That comment resonated with me. It was right then and there that I knew that the time had come for my dream to begin to take place. I was to start a non-profit organization for the rescue of animals and it was to be named Hope Through Havoc, in honor of my dear kitten.

Hope Through Havoc is only 3 months old and we have already rescued 18 animals from abuse, homelessness, and starvation. And, I am very proud to say, that some of the spiritual advisors and healers on my directories have gotten on board with this cause and offered their time and monies. I find that truly ethical spiritual advisors and healers are about unconditional love. That unconditional love is meant for the Earth and all its inhabitants. It is these types of people that I am in search of. I believe that the animal kingdom has had a strong presence in my life to help me on my spiritual journey, and that I am now beginning to grasp what its members have been trying to teach me. I have also learned that we are here for them, but they are here for us in the capacity that they have the power to help US heal.

If you would like to know more about Hope Through Havoc, please visit our website. You may also join our Ning site:

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