How can you invite others to appreciate and value you?

Your approach towards life is often governed by others' appreciation. Your self-worth is quite often dependent upon how others value you and your efforts as well as achievements. 

However, it is not necessary that people show and demonstrate their appreciation in a manner you choose. You might find your close friends and relatives, appreciating you in your absence. You might find some of them appreciating you through favorable responses, generosity in their contribution towards you or by demonstrating kind, compassionate and helpful approach. 

Are you willing to accept their ways of appreciating you and your efforts? 

When you do not see, how you are being appreciated, you may have some of the responses which could be of disadvantage to you eventually. 

  • If you are in a professional set-up, you may demand the hike in salary or professional fees and face the rejection
  • You may withdraw your services and the good deed to let others value what you did in the past. However, people may sideline you and find an alternative, which can humiliate or frustrate you. 
  • You may brag about your efforts, services, and the contribution which may appear like arrogance and make others feel defensive. Others may retaliate by finding flaws and inconsistencies in your work and efforts, instead of genuinely appreciating you. 
  • You may choose not to participate or remain available till the time others coax and plead. This can create an adverse image in others' mind. Besides not everyone is willing to beg for your contribution and services all the time. When they beg, request and ask often, they feel small. The appreciation from people with low self-worth may not give you the ultimate satisfaction.

So how do you rise beyond these games? Let us face the facts that each one of us cares for the appreciation. Each one of us would like to be valued for the services and contribution. Our self-worth often remains dependent upon others' appreciation. 

The first and foremost step would be to stop waiting for others appreciation. As a rule, you need to give yourself what you expect from others. Others may follow you and treat you the way you treat yourself. If you appreciate yourself, others will eventually appreciate you. 

Appreciate all that you have and all favors you are getting from others. Do not inhibit yourself. Appreciate your lift operator, the watchman of the building, the driver, the cab driver, your family members, co-workers, boss, waiters in the hotel, cooks, dress designers....

When you will start doing that, eventually you will inspire others to appreciate you in a special way. What goes around, comes around. Begin by appreciating all that is. At the end of the day, evaluate for yourself, how many people and how many things you appreciated? 

This practice will eventually send out the subtle signals to others who will, in turn, be inspired to appreciate you and value you for who you are.

At least, a lot of them will start appreciating your noble gesture of appreciation. What better can you ask for?

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