SOUL'S TEMPLE are two very powerful words gifted to the humanity by Masters. They help you in healing. 

Before I could tell you further, we need to understand what is healing?

Healing comes from the word HALE, WHOLE, Complete... Any thing that makes you feel whole and complete or puts you in touch with that which is whole and complete is Healing.

As popularly understood, healing is not any kind of manipulation. Healing is not about changing and shifting. Healing is not about rejecting what is there in order to reach out for something that is not there...


Healing helps you get in touch and remain in touch with the constant flow of divine intelligence, collective consciousness. 


Most of the human troubles come because of the lack of acceptance and understanding of the brilliance behind every thing that 'is'. This generates stagnation and resistance to the flow. The moment we understand and accept what 'is', we surrender to the flow and let divine grace take care of us in a manner which is beyond human intelligence. 


Every soul is here for a unique experience... The troubles of life that you see around you are actually gift wrappers which are eluding the true gifts from your intelligence. Our rejection of the gift due to the unpleasantness of the wrapper creates further troubles and subjects us to different sets of wrappers till the time we open our eyes to see through these issues to discover the marvellous gifts.


Pain and pleasure, riches and poverty, anger and calmness, love and hatred are the dualities we experience purely from human perspective. But at the level of soul, they are merely experiences and by and large soul remains neutral to various experiences provided we allow ourselves to go through the experiences our soul has chosen with divine intelligence. 


What we resist, definitely persists. The moment we acknowledge the soul's plan and surrender the whole experience to the Temple Space of the Soul, that's what our life is all about, we are actually surrendering to the flow of life... which is far beyond our human capacity to infer. The flow of life takes care of every trouble you are in...

Because the troubles are not due to what is happening to you and around you.... Troubles are because of our inability to perceive life experiences in the appropriate light and appropriate mind set. We interfere with the natural course of evolution and suffer consequences of interferences.

Merely by saying "My ..... is my Soul Temple." Helps us in being in the flow of life.


Sounds too philosophical??? Never Mind... Do not worry about the theory aspects of it...


Try it out practically even if you just do not believe in anything that is mentioned above...


Step 1:

Think of any pain / fear / emotional hurt / worry etc. that is bothering you right now. 

Step 2:

Give it a number on the scale of 0 to 10 (0 being no issue at all and 10 being terrible suffering making it difficult for you to handle it at the moment)

Step 3

Affirm (preferably say it aloud in your mind)

My ...................(pain / issue / hurt / worry or whatever is bothering you at this moment, use that exact word) is my Soul's Temple, Repeat as many times as possible

Step 4

Reassess the discomfort on the scale of 0-10.

Step 5

If the number for the discomfort has reduced... continue the process.

Step 6

If the number has become stagnant, affirm the following: "My Soul's need to experience this ............ (pain / issue / hurt / worry or whatever is bothering you at this moment) is my Soul's Temple. Continue affirming till the time the number for the discomfort comes down to 0

Step 7

In case there is no shift or if the trouble is increasing: Affirm the following:

My Soul's need to hold on to this............. (pain / issue / hurt / worry or whatever is bothering you at this moment, use that exact word) is my Soul's Temple

80 percent of the issues respond to these simple affirmations. In case you do not find any help with these affirmations,

All these services to spread awareness about the Soul's Temple Healing Techniques are based on voluntary contribution from you and there is no compulsion to pay any fees for the services you get from Soul's Temple facilitators, navigators and experts. One thing that we definitely expect from you is to heal the world, heal humanity, heal yourself... because after all, We Are One.... And.... You are my Soul's Temple.


Other applications of Soul's Temple Healing Technique:

  • As a complimentary modality in conjunction with EET, Redikall Healing, Redikall Constellation, Past Life Therapy, Foreign Energy Management, etc.
  • For deep relaxation and an effective remedy to insomnia
  • Healing of psycho-somatic troubles
  • Healing Relationships
  • Karmic understanding and healing
  • Understanding the core soul experience for this life.

Finally in a nut shell:

'Soul's Temple' is a 'Self Help' technique, a way of life, a worldwide movement based on the fact - each soul is here for a unique experience. 

Thank you for being the part of my life. Thank you for being a part of my Soul's Journey. You are my Soul's Temple.





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