Years back, when my father used to often remind me that we all need to be positive, I used t get irritated with his ongoing and constant reminder to be positive and think positive. 

Of course, there are several moments, which are so disturbing that it gets almost impossible to think positively. 

How can one be positive, when you experience so much distress and unrest? How can one be positive when the pockets and bank account gets depleted so often? How can one be positive when people around are acting so difficult?

After working with Redikall, I realized that I do not have to wait for so-called adversities to turn in my favor so that I finally think positively. Instead, I have to start being positive, feeling positive and think positive to turn the situation in my favor. 

If I sulk over what went wrong, I will have multiple things going wrong... If I focus on what is still right and what is in my domain, that can be turned right, I will have several opportunities to turn adversities to my advantage. 

My thoughts and attitude influence so-called positivity or negativity around me. 

Even if I can not change much. I can always change my attitude towards the perceived adversities. 

Are you anticipating an adversity in the future? Does that bother you? 

The Soul Bath Statement which can help you here is:

"Redikall Consciousness is purifying, energizing, completing, grounding and protecting me from adversities."

Recite this statement for 7 to 21 times and for the better result, write this statement. And for the best result, share with people around you. 

Positive people create the positive society. Positive society can make your life more positive. Enjoy the positivity as you spread the positivity all around you. 

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