The most problematic point is that in some situations, it is able to be prevented, but in some situations it is very difficult to be prevented. Firstly, as a professional healer, I can describe some really effictive ways to prevent the disease, in my opinion, if the person really wants to prevent this sickness,he shpuld  be happy, strong and healthy, he should keep in his life these things :

1) Sport. The first way to prevent it is a sport lifestyle. Keep your body strong and healthy in a regular way, following the exercise schedule and diet can help any person to stay protected from most of diseases, almost all of them, including a cancer.

2) Yoga. Some ways of body training and practice can exceedingly help not only for body to be in a good shape, but also morally can give a huge support to keep yourself confident, in a peaceful and stable mood, which is able not only to keep you healthy, but also you can obtain very useful and helpful ability of self-control.

3) Vegetarianism. Vegetarianism is the practice of abstaining from the usual consumption of meat and fish products. Some results of researches also told that refuse of any usage of meat and fish can really decrease the risk of happening of any morbidities. Being professional healer , I also suggest to abstain from usage of these products. That can definitely help to keep your thoughts and body clean and fresh insight, prevent from cancer or other hard – cured diseases. Refuse of consumption of meat and any other alive creatures related food also can help you feel more light and bright.

4) Positive mind. Happiness and positive look also can keep the sicknesses away. You should learn how to keep yourself and another people happy and optimistic. It is very important to keep yourself delighted and joyful all the time whatever happens in your life, also you should try to make other people positive like you. The point is that if you just think about good things and situations, you attract them, and the risk of happening of trouble or stressful situation becomes very low. Also the risk of becoming sick gets low or disappears at all.

5) Peacefullness. The points and things mentioned above are able to help you to increase and develop peacefullness. If the person is peaceful and not willing to provocate conflicts and fights, it can help him to stay away from numerous life problems, including such sickness like a cancer. Being peacefull is hugely necessary to avoid cancer.

6) Being generous and kind to people. You should be positive and kind to people. The kindness has such trait as being returned. You give good thing to people around, when you need help or kindness – people around can give to to you, so your life can become happy and positive, and it will also keep the sicknesses away from you.

7) Being religious. In modern world it is exceedingly important to be religious and remember about religious canons. People should follow what their religion tells them to do and what not to do. They should learn from their religion what life they should live and how, how to behave, how to treat another people, how to think and act. All the religious concepts are very ancient, and they all should be relyed on. People should follow their contry religion literature, its holidays, ways of behaviour ets. That can make them happy and help them to protect their life from any negative situalions to happen.

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