How to motivate yourself and others?

Several times, you feel demotivated because of various reasons. You might even witness others in your space getting demotivated and perhaps they may expect you to inspire them or wait for you to move so that they feel motivated/inspired to move forward in life.

Though Money is the greatest motivating factor for most individuals, it is not necessarily the only reason people look forward to all the time. There may be several other incentives you might be looking for.

The greatest and the commonest incentive is the sense of fulfilment. This can be experienced by different individuals in different ways. 

You need to know, what gives you a sense of fulfilment. Love? Care? Creativity? An opportunity to serve others? 

Interestingly, you feel fulfilled in a true sense, only when you are doing what you are meant to do at that moment. However, due to several reasons, you may avoid doing what you are supposed to be doing or 'BEING' what you are supposed to 'BE' as per the need of the hour. 

The higher consciousness ensures that you remain on your life path. If you can remain aligned and guided by the higher consciousness on an ongoing basis, you will have no problem in sailing through life with joy and fulfilment. 

However, as and when you deviate from your path, you do get push and prod. 

It is time to learn from the unpleasantness rather than adversely reacting to them and worsening the matter. Each incident in your life has a message or guidance for you. Be guided, be aware, keep moving on the path. 

Respond constructively to all signals; even if they appear to be adverse. Strive to be on the path, chosen by the higher consciousness in alignment with the collective consciousness. 

Remain motivated and motivate others in a constructive, proactive and joyous way. 

The Soul Bath Statement for your would be:

The Redikall Healing Consciousness is purifying, energizing, completing grounding and protecting me from my need to motivate myself and others.
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