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This is a personal story of legendary hypnotist Milton Erickson.

At age seventeen he was struck down by polio and was so severely paralysed that
his doctors thought he would die.

Erickson survived, of course, and went on to live an extraordinary life.

What I haven't talked much about is

how Erickson learned to walk again.

It's a story that I think is inspiring and contains valuable lessons for us all.

Even if you've read this story before I think it's invaluable to re-read it as a shot in the

You see after surviving the initial

polio attack, Erickson was left entirely lame in bed and unable to walk.

At that stage he was also unable to

talk although he could still hear and

move his eyes.

His doctors pretty much gave up on

him as a hopeless case.

They never expected him to be able

to walk again.

But Erickson wasn't prepared to give up.

And against all the advice and expectations of others, he set himself the goal of learning to
walk again.

He started by watching his baby sister learn to walk and modelling what she did.

Then he began to recall "body memories"

of the muscular activity of his own body.

By concentrating on these memories, he slowly began to regain control of parts of his body.

Progress was agonizingly slow and it took months to start getting results.

Erickson later described in detail how he had to relearn the simplest of movements and how to
coordinate his movements - all things that most of us take for granted.

He got to the point where he was again able to talk and use his arms.

Hardly able to walk at all, he decided to train his body further by embarking on a camping
trip and travelling by canoe.

The trip was to be almost a thousand miles running from the Wisconsin River in Milwaukee down
the Mississippi to St. Louis.

Originally, a friend was going on the trip with Erickson.

But they cancelled at the last minute.

As Erickson's parents were already

uncomfortable with this trip, he decided not to tell them it would be going alone.

He began his trip with $5.00 in his pocket and being carried to the river because he
couldn't walk far.

He knew there would be many places where the canoe would need to be carried or hauled between
stretches of water.

But he decided he could depend on his wits until he could develop the muscles he needed.

He was confident that even alone he

would manage.

And he did.

Whenever a new challenge came up, somehow he found help or a way to get around it.

Many nights, he "earned" his supper by telling stories to fishermen along the

Of course, he would become famous for his story telling powers in later years.

He paddled home after six weeks.

He still had his $5.00, was tanned and had developed enormous shoulder muscle strength.

He had learned to walk again, supported only by a cane.

Not surprisingly, the trip left a deep impact on Erickson and his thinking for the
rest of his life.

And it confirmed his belief - and one of the important principles in his work - that we all have
within us the resources to overcome the problems that we face.

You see, we're all capable of much more than we think and we have resources that we are not
aware of.

Most people, unfortunately, never discover what they can really do.

It's often only in times of crisis and challenge that...

...we manage to go beyond what are

many times self imposed limitations.

That canoe trip was a new beginning

for Milton Erickson.

And he went on to live an extraordinary life full of achievement and contribution...

...because he dared to set out on that journey.

You too have the opportunity to

set out on a journey of exploration

It could be the key to breakthroughs in many areas of you life...

...but you'll only find out if

you take the first step here....
Self Hypnosis can help you open the doors of your subconscious mind, a great asset we are all gifted with.

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