Is it possible to open up in a detached manner?

We, humans, go through several unpleasant experiences and many of them are due to attachments.

You could get attached to an experience or a means to an experience.

Several times, you are aware of the possibility of attachment and hence, you may avoid opening up to new possibilities.

Perhaps opening up the past has been a painful experience for you.

However, it is not necessarily because of the attachment, but it is certainly your erroneous association of opening up with attachment, which may be responsible for your need to hold yourself back.

You are here for amazing experiences.

Look at the possibility of opening up to various experiences of life.

Nothing is permanent. Open up, go through and complete yourself with the experiences which are being offered to you.

Open up to relationships, people, objects, comforts, emotions and remember everything is transient. The more you resist, the more they are likely to persist.

All that you are resisting is probably being offered to you in different ways and means.

Open up. Allow yourself the experience. Grow through the experience, move on and raise your consciousness.

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Comment by Aatmn on August 14, 2018 at 12:29pm

Dear Kalaji, 
FLR 3 is the name of the minor chakra. 
Redikall Healing is a collection of intuitive knowledge, which has been clinically verified.

There are several chakras, which you learn in Redikall Healing Curriculum.

You can begin by accessing them on the following link.

Comment by K.Kala on August 14, 2018 at 11:30am

Atma Namasthe.

What is FLR 3 ? I have been listening to audio’s ever since I logged myself due to divine intervention.I’m glad to be a part with the Redikall healing concept.I feel tamed with these inner reflections of consciousness.Thank You Aatmn Mam.God bless you.Sairam.

Love and Light 

Kala Bashini.

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