Let there be respect and honour from one and all.

The commonest complaint I hear while addressing a family discord is the unfulfilled need for respect and adulation.

Most men would like to be respected for their position, contribution and for being the man of the house. When people in the family use derogatory remarks and manifest showdowns in private or in front of others the masculine pride often gets wounded irreparably. They eventually may gravitate where they find more respect. This defensive attempt increases the rift.

Women and children in the house love to be adulated for being who they are. Repeated Insults, criticism, fault findings, ignoring their efforts to gain more attention can be detrimental to their self-esteem as well as the relationship.

Irrespective of your qualification, position, salary structure or family background, you certainly like to be respected or adulated by one and all around you.

For some reason, if you are not getting the kind of respect or adulation you deserve from a particular person or a group of people in the now; or iif you are being oversensitive to disrespectful people or situation, now, it is the best time to address that.

I have found the following conscious and subconscious reasons behind the possibility of disrespectful behavior from others.

  1. Individual belief generated by the past experience or observation. If you have seen family members, community or yourself being disrespected in the past, a belief that 'I am the disrespectable' can rule the rest of the life unless you correct that. At times, it could be an ancestral or community belief, which you would have borrowed or inherited.
  2. Disrespect for 'self'. Others treat you the way you treat yourself and not necessarily the way you expect them to treat you. Start treating yourself with due self-respect. Respect your appetite, the need for food, sleep, and exercise. Respect your commitments and words. If you do not respect yourself, it would be out of integrity to expect others to respect you.
  3. Fear of losing respect makes you focus more and more on disrespect. At times, when you frequently bend backward, stoop too much, do things out of the way to remain respectable or gain adulation and praise, people around you see through the efforts and may not find that so respectable. 
  4. Your defensive behavior such as Demonstration of arrogance, pride and righteousness to avoid disrespect can eventually put you in a more disrespectful situation or position.
  5. Association of disrespect with personal growth. If your past disrespect has helped you grow well in life, you almost always invite disrespectful situation or attitude from others; as and when you seek further growth in your personal, professional and spiritual progress.
  6. Your attempt to gain respect from others to set an example and make others respect you out of envy and jealousy can backfire. They may simply disrespect you for ignoring them and reaching out to others for the respect or adulation.
  7. Arrogance. Your loved ones simply humiliate you to bring down your arrogance as they may fear suffering due to your arrogance. 

Well, even if you really love to, you can not control, beg, demand and ensure that others will all the time genuinely respect you for everything you have achieved done and been so far. If you have tried your best and not succeeded, it is time to rise beyond your need for the respect from those who matter to you now or perhaps mattered to you in the past. 
As a rule, start giving yourself what you expected others to give. How can you respect and adulate yourself today?

Do you look in the mirror every day and say 'Wow! What an amazing person I am?' If yes, wonderful. If you don't do that, how can you expect your loved ones to adulate you all the time?

Do you respect your time, money, routine, body's need for nourishment and sound sleep? Do you respect your commitments and promises made to yourself and others? If not perhaps, it would be unfair to expect others to respect you as well. 

You often ignore, neglect and disrespect yourself in your desire to gain respect from others. It is high time, you withdraw your attention from others. Start respecting and adulating yourself.

There are two benefits of respecting and adulating yourself.

  1. You fulfill the void for the respect with total self-reliance, which will make you stop craving for the respect from others.
  2. People around you will watch you and modify their behavior eventually. 

If you are alive, you have a role to play in the universe. You are needed and you are contributing by being who you are. Respect the wonderful opportunity called life. Respect of your being. You deserve a round of applause for choosing to play the role you are playing at the moment. Adulate your body, bones, muscles, organs who are playing a fantastic role and contributing so well.

Irrespective of your social, political, educational and professional background, you are indeed a respectable one. You deserve a round of applause. 
Cheers to this life. Cheers to your presence. Cheers for just being you!

Redikall Soul Bath Statement for you is 

"Redikall Healing Consciousness is purifying, energizing, completing grounding and protecting my respectability from others."

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