Synopsis of the Seminar on

“Love is Life; Life is Love”

 by Bro. Keki Palkhiwalla


Vimadalal Bilia Lodge organised a full day seminar jointly with Blavatsky Lodge, on Sunday 20th April 2008 on this theme.  The seminar started with a welcome address by Bro. Sabnis, Vice President - Blavatsky Lodge and Divine Invocation by Bro. Palkhiwalla.


During the morning session Bro. Keki Palkhiwalla, covered the following aspects of the subject:

  • LOVE is the cementing force in nature and the very Force of Creation, since every atom is infused with the love of the Creator. Hence, everything that exists- whether in Matter or Spirit is God’s and we ourselves are all Gods in the Making. While it is the lower mind that brings about a sense of separateness, it is the Soul which unites everything with Love. Hatred, fear and pride go away as a result of love. While it is not possible for our conditioned minds to  understand the true meaning of love at present, the Force of Divine Love will surface as our focus shifts from physical to emotional to mental and ultimately to spiritual, as we go through several life times. Self-Realization is only through Divine Love.
  • THE CAUSE AND EFFECT PRINCIPLE ensures that karma is generated through our separate Consciousness and the present actions and their effects will finally bring about a state of union. Even though our ‘Nischit Karma’ is ordained for the duration of period between life and death in one lifetime, we go on creating future karma with our present reactions to circumstances & situations in life. Physical, emotional or mental karma are products of our physical body, emotions and mind. We need to constantly remind ourselves that we are not physical beings having spiritual experiences, but spiritual beings having physical experiences if we wish to reduce generating unnecessary karma.
  • GOD exists in everything and everyone, but it is essential that the God ‘Within’ all of us be ‘Realized’ and not only that the God without be worshipped. While we speak about respecting the God within ourselves and others, this is generally limited only to intellectual understanding. Religions have also failed to bring about unity, love or understanding. True Faith in God brings complete surrender where the man loses himself in surrender to God and believes “Nothing exists except God, everything is but God”.
  • LAWS OF ATTRACTION & SYMPATHETIC VIBRATION regulate our interactions with others, whether on the physical, emotional, ideological or spiritual level. We are microcosms while the energies of our subtle bodies are regulated by the energies of the macrocosm. However we also get attracted or repulsed to others according to the nature of our inherent tendencies.
  • SEXUAL MORALITY is necessary to be practiced and youngsters can be taught its value so that they are able to maintain the right balance. Sex is also an expression of physical love. As its Divine purpose is that of procreation, Youth need to deal wisely with this instinct instead of curbing it. Animal tendencies continue to exist in all of us but can be controlled by right knowledge and right association. This will help our consciousness to change from the gross to the subtle, as our vehicles of consciousness are inter-penetrating; any change or atomic transformation in one would also refine the attributes of the others.

The Q and A round brought these salient observations:

v     Love is unity, as opposed to illusionary diversity experienced by our senses.

v     Our physical and emotional tendencies can be transformed through the discipline of the mind.

v     Unity of Life is the same as “Union by Love”.

v     Tendencies generate Karma; the effects transform tendencies.

v     The distinction between ‘me’ and ‘others’ ceases to exist in Love.

v     True realization dawns when you unlearn what you have learnt, i.e. when learning becomes tendencies.

During the afternoon session youngsters expressed their views on love, sexual morality and other values:

Þ    Relationships  can  exist  purely  on mental or emotional

level with a mutual understanding to refrain from taking

it to the physical level, although generally sex does play an important part in relationships.

Þ    Relationships with opposite sex are not necessarily viewed as being different from those with the same sex.

Þ    Love is not dependency on someone because you feel incomplete by yourself; rather it is two ‘complete’ persons coming together. Relationships have more to do with energy levels resonating, or not, with others.

Þ    Unrealistic expectations from the opposite person can lead to disappointments in relationships. Moreover individual efforts are important to sustain relationships.

Þ    Commitment is in the mind and heart and may not need a legal paper to prove it. However if we understand values and morality we can appreciate the sanctity of marriage.


Seniors in the audience drew attention to the role that parents and other care givers can play in guiding the youth in these matters. Bro. Palkhiwalla emphasized the fact that although situations present themselves in life when undesirable relationships arise due to Karma, the choice of positive or negative interactions with them can be a matter of Free Will. They also stressed that moral laws are eternal & unchangeable and if they are violated, Karma steps in to restore the balance.


The seminar ended on a happy note with the participants expressing their view that such meetings are of great value to the young generation of today.


Dr Darius H Umrigar MD(AM)

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