Make Your Skin Younger at the Cellular Level - How the right combination of antioxidants and telomere science

Make Your Skin Younger at the Cellular Level

How the right combination of antioxidants and telomere science

can reverse the signs of aging in a single month !



Antioxidants are key to the best anti-aging skincare, and their benefits are much more than skin deep.



Topical antioxidants not only offer powerful skin cancer prevention, but their effects can be dramatically improved by a recent Nobel-prize winning breakthrough called teprenone


Teprenone:  Research Breakthrough that Enhances the Power of Antioxidants


Numerous studies confirm the benefits of topical antioxidants, but few have reported on an astonishing breakthrough that can dramatically enhance antioxidant protection.


     The discovery is a substance called teprenone, which enables you -- for the first time ever -- to actually slow down the speed by which your skin ages.


     Teprenone fights against all signs of aging by improving dehydration, age spots, and ineffective barrier function.  It also helps improve skin moisture, redness, pore size, roughness, and fine lines.


     Teprenone has been proven to protect skin cells' telomeres during cell mitosis, thereby extending cell life and preserving DNA and RNA integrity.  That means that it can actually extend the youth span of your skin cells to reduce visible signs of aging, and reverse existing skin damage.  In clinical studies, the results of teprenone were remarkable.  Over a 30 day period:

  • 75% of them noticed an improvement in fine lines, skin firmness, tone, and elasticity.
  • Teprenone increased resistance to harmful UV rays by as much as 100%.
  • 100% of the participants saw an improvement in sun spots and skin moisture.
  • Redness and pore size were reduced in over 90% of participants.

The driving force behind these benefits is telomerase activation -- a growing field of research based on a discovery so astonishing that the 3 scientists who discovered it won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2009.


     Telomeres are a critical segment of DNA found in every cell in the body.  Every time a cell divides, the telomeres shorten until eventually, they become too short to function.  Then cells will either die or enter a suspended state called "senescence."  The shorter your telomeres, the more your skin cells age -- and the older you look.


     But teprenone actively delays the shortening of your telomeres and studies show it can even extend the lifespan of your skin cells by 30%.


How Teprenone "Supercharges" Antioxidants


Teprenone also offers a significant benefit that few people know of, and almost no one has reported ... it dramatically enhances the benefits of topical antioxidants.


     That's because telomeres are extremely sensitive to oxidation -- the kind that occurs from sun exposure and other environmental stressors.  Everything from making new cells to environmental pollution causes oxidative stress in your body.


     Antioxidants are your body's proven defense against oxidation, and teprenone makes antioxidants work better to keep your skin healthy and glowing.


     What's more, the reverse is also thought to be true:  antioxidants enhance the effects of teprenone by helping active teprenone stay inside your cells.  It's a perfect partnership.


     In addition, teprenone also helps your skin produce natural proteins that protect against damage.


     "This is a real breakthrough in anti-aging, and has the potential to change the face of skincare technology forever," says Dr. Al Sears, a medical pioneer in the field of anti-aging and alternative therapies.  Dr. Sears has been researching the power of telomeres for years -- and now, he has also become the first doctor in the U.S. to apply telomere biology to develop an anti-aging DNA cream that can reduce the age of your skin by up to 30%!


The Synergistic Effect of Teprenone Combined with Antioxidants


Nearly every new skin cream promises to take 10 years off of your face, but it's rare to find one that utilizes telomere biology to reduce your skin's age by 30%.  So if your biological age is 60, your skin could appear like it did when you were 42.  That's like aging backwards 18 years!


     This is now possible because of telomere biology, which garnered the Nobel Prize in medicine for its proven ability to extend the cell life and delay or even reverse aging.  This has caused a stir in the anti-aging community, and publications around the world featured headline touting the miraculous effects of teprenone.


     What's even more exciting, however, is the synergistic combined effect of telomeres and antioxidants.  This is a rarely reported breakthrough that  reverses skin aging, but provides science-based protection against the growing epidemic of skin cancer.

  Dr Darius H Umrigar MD(AM)  


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