Margosa or neem is a most favourite and very common tree and is grown and found all Over India. It is indigenous to south Asia, where up to more than thirty million trees line the roads. The tree occurs naturally in the Deccan peninsula of India, but is cultivated all over India. It is also common Indonesia, Srilanka, Myanmar, Pakistan, Japan and tropical regions of Australia and America. On seeing the useful ness of margosa point out that every part of the tree its rind, leaves, wood, flowers, fruits have great medicinal and therapeutic properties. Margosa has contributed immensely in manufacture of various ayurvedic, unani, allopathy and drugs. The use of bark of margosa tree purifies blood. Neem is cool and has soothing effect it is antiseptic in nature. It is a blood and air purifier. It helps in eliminating digestive problems, cough, cold, fever and other physical ailments. It is digestive, suppresses ill effects due to wind, bile and phlegm. The oil extracted from margosa is very useful for imparting energy and is a great antiseptic. The oil extracted from its ripe, yellow flowers; known as margosa oil is very effective in curing arthritis, leprosy, leucoderma and other skin diseases. Margo soap is a great antiseptic, which cleans the body of all external impurities. Margosa is an insecticide, which destroys and kills germs, insects. Dry neem leaves kept in the cupboard or boxes protect the clothes, books etc, from worms and insects. Margosa's tender twigs used as toothbrush are very beneficial to keep gums and teeth strong and shining free from bad odour and pyorrhea. Its wood is used for making furniture. The neem tree is a natural air purifier, which wards off foul gases and gives oxygen. The bark is a bitter tonic and stimulant. It arrests secretions and bleeding besides counter acting any spasmodic disorders. The root bark has the same properties as the bark of the trunk. The gum discharged by the stem is a stimulant and tonic with a soothing effect on the skin and mucous membranes.

  1. Headache: -

dropping one or two drops of juice of fresh margosa leaves in the nostrils cures headache.

  1. Baldness: -

applying margosa oil on the bald portion, preferably at night and washing the head in the morning stops the falling of other hair and helps in their growth.

  1. Other hair disorders: -

washing the hair with water boiled with margosa leaves stops falling of hair and helps to grow, be black and lustrous. This is also useful to kill lice in the hair. (Precaution to be taken that this water should not enter the eyes).

  1. Malaria: -

an infusion or a decoction of the fresh leaves is a bitter vegetable tonic and alterative, especially in chronic malarial fever because of its action on the liver. It should be taken in doses of 15 to 60 GMS.

  1. Earache: -

taking the steam of boiled water having margosa leaves in it by the ear gives relief in earache.

  1. Dental disorders: -
    • Using fresh margosa twig piece as brush for cleaning the teeth makes the gums strong, eliminates foul smell and cures pyorrhoea.
    • Drinking and gurgling with margosa water (in which fresh new leaves are boiled) stops dental decay and pain in the teeth.
    • Gargling with margosa decoction (made with boiling of leaves, flowers, fruit, root and branches equal portion) gives relief to toothache by eliminating infection in gums.
  2. Cough: -

gargles with lukewarm margosa juice mixed with a few drops of honey cures cough trouble.

  1. Constipation: -

rinsing the mouth with hot water in which 10 GMS of margosa leaves have been dissolved early in the morning cures constipation.

  1. Vomiting: -

i. Taking morgosa water (grind 25 GMS neem leaves mix it in 125 GMS water and strain it) cured nausea and vomiting.

ii. Applying paste of margosa flower ground with water on naval portion stops vomiting.

  1. Digestive problems: -

eating 10 fully ripe margosa fruits daily with or after meal helps in curing indigestion.

  1. Diarrhoea: -

. Swallowing powdered margosa seed and sugar candy with water controls diarrhoea and loose motions.

i. Taking ground 10 leaves of margosa and sugar candy with water checks diarrhoea especially in summer.

  1. Dysentery: -

. Taking margosa decoction (prepared by boiling margosa rind in double quantity of water) or 2 GMS ground rind powder with water or honey juice in a day activates the system and controls dysentery.

i. Taking 10 GMS juice of leaves in the morning also helps in curing it.

  1. Small pox chicken pox: -

. Munching boiled margosa leaves or 7 red nascent margosa leaves with 4-5 black peeper works as a preventive against smallpox or chickenpox.

i. ii. On being afflicted, margosa twigs should be hanged on all room's entry and exit. Spread leaves of margosa on the bed of the patient and change it twice in day give water with little juice of fresh leaves to the patient. The patient may be funned with margosa twigs with leave.

ii. After getting cured, taking bath margosa leaves water and applying margosa oil on the spots helps in quick.

  1. Post parturition disorders in women: -

the time of childbirth. Administration of the juice of margosa leaves to the woman in labour before childbirth produces normal contraction in the uterus and prevents and checks onset of fevers, there by facilitating the normal delivery. The use of a tepid decoction of margosa leaves as a vaginal douche heals any wounds caused during delivery and disinfects the vaginal passage.

  1. Menstrual disorders: -

0. i. Taking juice of 10 fresh margosa leaves and ginger juice in the same proportion with 10 gms water eliminates and cures excessive pain during menses.

1. ii. Taking paste of margosa leaves (leaves to be boiled and ground) below the naval will check pain during menses.

  1. Urinary problem: -

taking about 20-30 gms of juice of margosa root regularly cures urinary obstruction and burning.

  1. Jaundice: -

taking 10 gms ground margosa leaves, 4-5 black pepper helps in eliminating poison.

  1. Asthma: -

taking 25-30 drops of margosa oil extracted from seeds in betel leaf gives great relief is asthma.

  1. Poison & insect bite: -

chewing fresh margosa leaves with or without little salt and pepper helps in eliminating poison.

  1. Worms: -

giving 3-4 drops of margosa oil to children and 5 to 6 drops to adults helps in killing the worms in intestines. Taking 2 teaspoon fresh margosa leaves juice with 1 teaspoon honey kill the worms. Morgosa is a powerful insecticide to kill soil nematodes and other plant parasites thus it helps in agriculture also, And also useful as a mosquito repellent.

Margosa tree, due to its countless uses and endless medicinal values in elimination of innumerable diseases is considered a treasure house of various medicines and can be used an enjoyed by one and all.

Dr Darius H Umrigar MD(AM)

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