A few memory and strategies tips

This will be helpful for those familiar with the Memory Books, the tips are designed to work with this book.

It is easier to memorize something if you associate an exaggerated image with it. But, it will work even better if you are involved in the image. For instance, when you think about the guy getting the medal pinned on him, either imagine that you are doing the pinning, or that the medal is being pinned on you.

-make the action big and engaging. Get the feeling of your full body in the action, or at least make the kinesthetic sensations memorable. The branch that breaks off the tree falls with a mighty crash right in front of you, the air whooshing past your face as you suddenly lurch backwards to dodge it's weight.

get the mental images as rich and vivid as possible in all sensory modalities.

-make the imagery personal and pleasurable. If the imagery is neutral or unpleasant, you won't want to remember it as much as something really fun/hot/cool/awesome.

-go over the associations in bed just before you fall asleep. If you have truly made the associations personal and pleasurable, you will WANT to think about them anyway. When you do this, kind of go to sleep with the intention to remember those associations.

Energy: Doing mental exercises require good brain oxygenation. Good breathing will help you, most of us, have bad breathing habit. Do some jogging and breathing exercises.

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