Thumb (right)
Keywords: will power, will to receive sth.

Short explanation:
the will to receive sth (help, favor, care, recognition, love, money…)
is in a subtle way not allowed to be recognized or expressed

Detailed explanation:

Will and will power in the first place has a link to self-assertiveness.
If self-assertiveness is low, so is the will power in regard to the dominant theme. The dominant theme may vary and it depends on the individual situation what aspect is dominant. Likely you find more than just one theme. Themes may cover out aspects such as the will to receive money or support or inner aspects as the will to receive love or recognition.
It may be that there is a self boycotting to not allow one´s will to receive even to explicitly arise or be even expressed. How can a will materialize in the end when there is already ambiguity in manifesting it ?
It´s time to become conscious about and evaluate one´s will. If this evaluation comes to the end to want a will to manifest, then first step is already done (allowing yourself to form the explicit thought inside yourself), continue to allow expressing it and finally acting towards it.

Significance of pain: Your body intelligence is reminding you to reflect about your will to receive sth. Become conscious about the eventually underlying themes and hindrances.

Significance of injury: You have subconsciously / unknowingly punished yourself for
restricting your will (to receive sth.) to transparently emerge.
Some themes are lasting and are then part of the ball game one chooses to play. In the thumb this may lead to partially bone fracture (sometimes not even easily diagnosed) being one of several causes that may lead to arthrosis / pseudoarthritis in the thumb joint. When pain is lasting and enduring , so is the theme. Lasting and enduring. Solve the theme and the pain will not need to fulfill its´reminder function any more . Do not buy the concept that due to long year´s history of pain this cannot be changed.

Therapeutic Considerations:
Become conscious about the hindrance to not allow a certain will to openly arise. Reflect self-assertiveness or lack thereof. Find the pattern and find when it did arise.
Reflect the functionality what benefit you gain(ed) in not allowing this will to receive to fully manifest. Or to put the same in different words: which is the underlying fear that restricts the arising of such a will in open transparence?
Fully accept what happened in the past and venture with some courage to test new allowances to recognize and express your own will to receive sth.

momentary healing
Forgiveness meditation
for pain or anxiety: EFT/ EET tapping

sustainable healing
hypnosis: submarine technique (mentally visit and heal the hurt body
part); important with physical pain: to repeat for 7-21 days in brief
self-hypnosis at least once a day, preferably before falling asleep.

hypnosis: create somatic and emotional charge, then regress to
a) dominant cause event and
b) first causing incident

deep hypnosis: contact Higher Self for life mission

system constellation: subspecies of family constellation technique
(for more than marginal injuries or lasting hurts)

Self-Help Affirmation: I allow myself to think and express my will to receive …

Metaphysical Affirmation: I forgive myself for my reluctance to allow my will receiving sth. to come up and be expressed. My reluctance to allow my will to arise
and be expressed is my Soul Temple.

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