How to address your relationships with your mother?

It is so important to heal your relationship with your mother, as she is the first and the most important relationship you have created. Rest of the relationships remain influenced by your equation with your mother. Well, you can not change your mother but certainly you can change your feeling towards her. Interestingly as you shift, you will find reciprocation from her too. Even if she is not around any more, it is still important to come to terms with your feelings towards her. Soul's Temple Self Help Technique could help you a lot....
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If you feel misunderstood by your mother, there are chances that several others in the world are failing to understand you. 
Yes, the emotional charge and unpleasantness accumulated over a long period of time, may not vanish overnight. However you can easily start addressing the issues in a systematic manner with the help of Soul's Temple Chant.

Know that it is not your mother, but the unpleasant associations with your mother  as well as your adverse responses towards your mother which are troubling you. The moment you align your perception of your mother with the flow of Soul's Temple Energy, Your responses will automatically transform. 

Soul's Temple Self-Help method to heal your relationship with your mother.

Part 1 (Address your emotions related to your mother)

Let us say for example, you are angry with your mother.
Think of your mother and imagine her to be right in front of you. Scan through your body and assess the anger on a scale of 0 to 10. 
0=no anger
10 = severe anger
Affirm the following:
My anger is my Soul's Temple
My need for anger is my Soul's Temple
My resistance to let go of my anger is my Soul's Temple

You may address, all remaining emotions related to your mother in a similar manner.

Part 2 (Address your perception of your mother)

Now think of your mother and say You are my Soul's Temple
my need for you is my Soul's Temple
My resistance to accept you is my Soul's Temple
Be present to that part of personality or that factor which is generating so much of anger in you. This could be a part of your personality, this could be another human being, this could be an abstract form 
Focus your attention on that factor and affirm:
You are my Soul's Temple
My need for you is my Soul's Temple
My resistance to let go of you is my Soul's Temple.

Note: While doing Soul's Temple Chant, if you get present to deeper issues, do pay attention to them as well and address them in a similar way.

You may replace the word Temple with similar words, e.g. Mosque, church, love etc.

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Opt for Online Mentor, who could systematically guide you to heal your equation with your mother in a radical manner, Check it out on

You could also download Relationship Healing Guided Meditation and practice regularly till the time you heal all relationship issues with your mother.

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