Relationship Closure - A new chapter begins.

Sometimes we just don't see how much of our head is still taxing about in a past relationship. The less you obsess about old relationships, the more room you have to think about new possibilities.

One eye-opening test to help you understand how this entire works, is to sit in your car and look into your rear view mirror. Consider that as you do this, you are looking back at the past. Then, without moving your eyes, note how much you can see out your front window (or at the future) at the same time? You can only see the past. It helps people change their perspective - fast.

One can turn their love life around with just a little bit of common sense and looking around or asking for help.

You don't need him to get closure. There are zero circumstances where you have to wait for this. Just move on. If it's going to happen, it's going to happen. Write your partner a letter, write down everyawful word and thought you have - just don't send it. Set fire to it and watch the smoke go up. This can help you release and let go…. (it has worked in many cases)

This habit of waiting for love, is manifesting itself on you physically, on your career, and your personal life.

Yes, people become kind of a loner. All of that's correct, and keep gaining weight … they get so stressed, waiting and waiting for their partner to call

Start meditating on getting closure and you'll see changes. Get away from the computer and get out in nature, or just get out. Just get out because you can, don't do it just to try to meet someone

People do go out and sometimes find a partner right out of the blue. May be he or she is not the
one, what else can one do to keep feeling empowered ? One needs to be ready, when one does meet the one considered as a partner.

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