Body Part


Second Toe (Right)


Key Word(s): Domination, competition, non-cooperation,


Perceived possibility of competition, domination or one-upmanship preventing you from putting your best foot forward




Detailed Note

Domination is a short cut to achievement. It will give you instant results but proves to be very expensive in the long run.
You will achieve all that you are entitled to with faith, alliance and cooperation. In several cultures, a growing child is systematically taught to compete, dominate and rule others. Several times, parents want their children to fulfill their incompletions. It's time to have a fresh new look. Examine the possibility of getting your work done through love and cooperation. It may create some delays in implementation but this attitude will be richly rewarding in the long run.



Significance of Pain

Your body intelligence is reminding you that you do not have to compete or dominate. Each one is unique and all can work together in synergy.

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Significance of Injury

There is a possibility that you are consciously, subconsciously or unknowingly feeling guilts y for not putting your best foot forward due to perceived possibility of competition, domination or non-cooperation

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Significance of Bacterial Infection

You have subconsciously or unknowingly punished yourself for not putting your best foot forward due to perceived possibility of competition, domination or non-cooperation  Read more


Significance of Viral Infection

Your body is adversely responding to criticism and judgement offered by yourself or others. You have a need for unconditional non-judgemental attitude for not putting your best foot forward due to perceived possibility of competition, domination or non-cooperation.

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Significance of Fungal Infection

Your immunity is succumbing due to your silent resentment for competitors or dominators. You could also be resenting that part of you which has a need to compete or dominate. Let it go. It is not helping anyone. Work with the remedial measures to deal with your resentment. Let go resentment for not putting your best foot forward due to perceived possibility of competition, domination or non-cooperation

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Metaphysical / Therapeutic Considerations

Sense of competition arises essentially out of a feeling of lack. In the same manner, need for domination and one-upmanship comes from fear of being dominated by others due to your own shortcomings.
Open up to seek the awareness of the Divine planning and have faith in the Divine ways of working. When you naturally cherish a unique position and set of opportunities gifted to you, need to compete & dominate will vanish. When you co-operate with the universal consciousness, you automatically invite cooperation from others.


Healing Guidance

Recommended Therapies:
1) Inner Child Healing - To let go negative effects of the past programmings.
2) Forgiveness Exercise - To unburden yourself, to forgive yourself and others; and situations which have contributed to your issues.
3) EET Healing Therapy - To identify and let go of restrictive emotions and their detrimental effects, and to retrieve intuitive answers and insights from your subconscious mind.
4) Evaporation Technique - To let go your non-contributing conditioning, thoughts, beliefs, feelings and emotions.
5) Higher Self Contact - To get in touch with your inner calling, wisdom and to gain a clarity on life plan.
6) Redikall Healing - To understand the reason and get further guidance behind your attitude and resolve it with appropriate affirmations.
7) Mind Leader Step 1 - For determining your purposes and priorities in your life and creating a road map for achieving them.
8) Mind Navigation - Navigate your life to make it more meaningful to you.


Self - help affirmation

I manifest cooperation and harmony in my universe





Metaphysical Affirmations

I forgive myself for for my past (past life ) attitude of non-co-operation, non alliance, and domination.
My need to manifest domination and competition and one-upmanship is my Soul's Temple.
I put my best foot forward with total compliance with my soul's need to experience competition,domination non-co-operation and one upmanship.




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