Self-Help through Spiritual Insights

You have an inherent power and a huge potential to help yourself. When you will stop expecting others to help you out, 

you will be able to turn inwards and start exploring a tremendous reservoir of resources and power to align with the ultimate resource energy. 

We merely guide you how you could unpeel the layers of emotions, beliefs and past influences to recognize the light and divinity within.

We guide you how to be illuminated by your own light because when you choose to seek the illumination through other light source, invariably you get acutely aware about your own shadow. 

Know that you are the light source, you are the extension of the ultimate resource energy. You are capable of shining, you are capable of being a torch to illuminate the path for many more. Shed those layers. Rise and Shine.


  • You have all the answers and solutions available through your subconscious mind.
  • All you need is a guide who can navigate you to explore a treasure called mind, through metaphysical insights 
  • Problems of life are merely pointers to personal progress.
  • Its possible to avail spiritual insights through self-help
  • When you grant the permission to progress, seeming setbacks become stepping stones


Empowering you to find the answers, solutions and directions through your subconscious mind and metaphysical insights and successfully decode them to enhance your life.

How to Begin?

There is a reason why you are reading this page. We all have certain challenges in life which we label as problems. Identify them, prioritize them and understand them. Look for the relevant categories, the clue is given to lead you further. For many people simple Soul's Temple affirmations do a magic, others might need a little guidance in the beginning.

The idea is to unpeel initial layer of emotional blockage, restrictive belief and conditionings in order to have an access to the wealth of wisdom from the subconscious mind.

You may begin by

1) Let go of the emotional hurts generated by hatred.

You can do it by Emotional Detox Meditation

Soul's Temple Self-Help Healing Technique

Mood Manager's Self-Help Technique


Take the help of an online guide to guide you precisely how to go about it.

You may opt for group chats 

2) Address the beliefs and labels accumulated in your space

You can do this by Aura Detox Meditation

3) Heal the unhealed past through Inner child meditation 

Soul's Temple Self-Help Healing Technique

Mood Manager's Self-Help Technique

or you can take the help of an online guide, to guide you how to handle this situation in a precise manner.

3 Discover the true brilliance and intelligence in this life plan and transform your thinking process in order to transform your future life, with the help of Redikall Healing Technique.

4) Be your best and grow to explore all your potentials to your fullest. Ask your guides to guide you in a step by step systematic manner.

5) You may begin by Soul's Temple affirmations to reduce your sense of hatred.

Say these affirmations for 21 times for a period of 21 days and if deeper insights emerge, address them too.


Please affirm:

  • My hatred for (*****) is my Soul's Temple
  • My need to hate (*****) is my Soul's Temple
  • My resistance to let go of this hatred for (*****) is my Soul's Temple.

Finally know that the programming of hatred has been given to propel you in exactly the opposite direction. The earlier you move towards your beautiful destination, the lesser is the suffering.


Hatred is like darkness... You cannot fight against it to remove it... Simply spread love and light... Hatred will disappear in no time.

Physical Body Problem

Emotional Issues

Relationships Issues

Personal Matters

Spiritual Matters

Other query and concern

Money related issues

Free Online Guidance on Mood Management

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Get Metaphysical Insights

For 'Self-Help' and follow the 'self-help' instructions.

Write to us

for Personal Evolution Plan to understand yourself and others around you in a better way.

*Behind every issues and problems of life, you have deep seated underlying causative factors as well as embedded gifts and learnings. Even if your issues are resolved with Self-Help Techniques, We recommend that you opt for personal Growth Plan through Mind - Leaders curriculum to understand yourself by de-coding your body dynamics, your relationship dynamics, your wealth dynamics and spiritual principles governing your life.*

Mind Leaders Curriculum:

(Available through workshops, online assistance and webinars)

click here to know more

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