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The Soul's temple is an initiative of Omnipresence Academy of Life Pvt. Ltd under the guidance of Aatmn Parmar. The objective is to re-establish an experience of living amidst and with total awareness of divinity within each individual and each creation.  Let us Transform this planet in such a manner, where every living and non-living entities feel as if they are in a safe and sacred space like a temple or Mosque, or Church. We all have this sacred space within us and we all are capable of radiating divinity to one and all every moment and with every breath during our life time.

What we are experiencing at the moment is a choice of our individual soul as well collective consciousness. Simply recognising our experiences, feelings and perception as a divine choice of our Souls aligns us, others, and all our experiences with the divine flow of Soul's Temple Consciousness where all that is acquired and unwanted gets washed away and all that is part of our inherent design gets crystal clear to us.

We all are an extension of the collective consciousness and our collective energies and thought processes have a strong influence on the universe around us. Together when we remain in alignment with the consciousness and walk on the path chosen by our soul consciousness, we will invite minimum or no friction and experience of pure joy as we effortlessly cruise on highway carefully selected to suite our purpose on life.

The objective of the Soul Temple is to create a global network of like-minded people who think constructively, collectively and synergistically to form a network of

Spiritual, Educational, Socio-Economic-Cultural co-operation to benefit all.

Many volunteers are teaching this beautiful and yet very simple technique of Soul's Temple without commercial considerations. Many of them are helping individuals through chat lines and many of them are working on themselves to make a constructive difference in their own life.

You can attend one of the Soul's Temple meeting if it is being conducted in your town. You can attend one of the webinars or simply avail benefit of chatline.

If you feel a significant shift in life, feel free to contribute by cash, or by helping us in our work, by contributing in a manner you may wish to.


How can you Benefit?

  • Healing of humanity by healing yourself
  • Resolve family issues
  • Learning the art of identifying a gift/Brilliance hidden amidst the challenges of life
  • Understanding 'Self' and others around you with better clarity
  • Learning to give and receive and be in the 'flow' of life
  • Understanding the interconnection between your thought and its manifestations
  • Increased understanding of metaphysics
  • Influencing collective consciousness by collectively thinking in a constructive and positive manner 



Frequently Asked Questions


1) Is this some sort of ritual?

Soul's Temple is not a ritual, it is a way of life. It may begin as a self-help or self-healing modality through affirmations. However as you start helping yourself and others through affirmations, you will find yourself more and more aligned with your true divine self and divinity in others as well as divinity in every form. 

2) Will this conflict with my religious beliefs?

The discussion as well as the practices recommended by the Soul's Temple is secular in nature. We avoid encouraging or discouraging various practices as we focus on bringing about the spirit of oneness to the society. If any one who finds it difficult to use the word, Soul's Temple, They may chose to use different words with similar meaning, e.g. Soul's Church, Soul's Mosque, Soul's Gurudwara etc. Some people have been using Soul's Love and that works equally well. As it is not just words, Soul's Temple is beyond words, it is a powerful flow, it is a way of life. People from all background can smoothly sail in alignment with this flow.


3) Do I need to practice the technique everyday?

It is advisable to surrender all good and not so good experiences and align them to Soul's Temple energy by reciting the Soul's Temple affirmations. Practice everyday or frequently for optimum emotional and physical well being.  Don't we need to perform our daily cleansing rituals like bathing or brushing our teeth? In the same way, it is important to work with our minds and bathe our souls with positive energy regularly. Soul's Temple is a soul bathing experience.


4) How much do I pay? What is the fee?

What you will get is priceless. We cannot put a price to the love and services offered by our facilitators. However, as we all exist in the material world, in order to manage ongoing expenses, the facilitators and the Club need funds for place management, travel, spreading the awareness, internet and telephone expenses and much more. We trust that you will honour your inner inspiration and contribute in a manner which is guided by your soul eventually.


You are requested to intuitively contribute the funds as per your inner guidance. 

We also appreciate your contribution in terms of services and gifts. You may chose to contribute by sharing this technique and helping others in your spare time through chat line.


5) Where do I participate in these meetings? Where are these meetings being held?

Most of the Consciousness Club facilitators conduct these meetings in their respective towns. Online version is available through internet too. You will find the information about these meetings in our Events section. for details, click here


6) How do I become a facilitator of this Club?

Soul Temple periodically announces the Facilitators' Training Program. In case you are interested in becoming a facilitator, kindly inform Ms. Varsha Punwani through sms or whatsapp on 9833402657.

7) Do I need to give up my Meditation and Yoga practices if I do Soul's Temple?

Soul Temple believes in oneness and it is all encompassing. We inspire you to get in touch with your inner guidance and follow your intuitive call.

8) How can help myself with Soul's Temple?

The easiest way to help yourself is by learning how to use Soul's Temple affirmations for self-help

9) How do I help others with Soul's Temple Self Help Technique?

Once you grasp the essence as well as the art of designing the correct affirmations for self help, you can share these affirmations and basic technique with others and guide them how to use these affirmations for their personal and professional life to make a positive difference in the world around them. If you need any guidance on spreading this knowledge to others, feel free to chat with us online or write to us on

We will be happy to assist you.

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