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It was the end of winter in Mid Feb 2013, on my way back from Dharamshala to Mumbai after completing my last Level 5. Was feeling liberated and exhilarated with th

e ne

w shifts on the cards… Had already found a house exactly as instructed by the Masters amidst the mountains. But was not sure about the career front..

I boarded the flight from Amritsar with a mild headache in a spot which indicated that there was a feeling of being let down… Understanding that it was a reversal of experience, probably I have let down someone… I meditated and connected to Master Kutumi and his communication to me opened my (third) eye… So here I am presenting you the original channelling by Master Kutumi:

It seems I had let down Master Kutumi

I asked why? In my mission to spread love to the world

How do we do that?

Create a group of people who wants to contribute out of love...

1) Weekly meeting
2) Once the stipulated time is over, the doors are closed...
3) Members need to carry something of contributory value. e.g. food item and / or book o

r   crystal or stationery material, an audio CD, etc.
     Instruction: No piracy, no stale food, etc.
4) You are given 2 envelopes of the same kind and size: 1) Sharing with others and 2) Contribution and offerings:
    These are shared in three parts:
     a) To the Organization
     b) To the Organizer
     c) To the Program Facilitators

5) We begin by Detox Breathing. 
6) Guided Meditation of the day
7) Ring Meditation
8) Group Affirmations like:
     a) I forgive myself for everything across time and space.
     b) I release myself from all oaths, wows and curses across time and space
     c) I learn all that I am here to learn in an easy, effortless and painless manner
     d) I always receive more than I need and contribute all that I can.
     e) I operate out of love, faith and integrity all the time. 


8) Group Healing: I see you, I feel you, I acknowledge you...

9) Gratitude Ceremony

10) Energizing with Love: Food, Books, Money, Crystals, …

11) Contribution Form Submission

12) Prasad: Take one of the envelopes, take one of the books, crystals …. and take one of the food items.... Learn to be a great receiver... Receive with love and receive with gratitude.... Hug, Hold hands and part quietly with love....

13) Collect a Healing Card, a Crystal, a Letter of Gratitude or Message: Do not hoard... Pass it on... and contribute to others...

As I disembarked at Mumbai airport, the only words which kept ringing in my ears were 'Soul's Temple'. I still did not know what to do… When I asked what to do with these words

, the only thing told to me was…

'Soul is here for an experience… Acknowledge…'

I went to my office to say Hi to Hemant and Madhu… As I prepared to leave the office after saying Hi to both of them, I casually mentioned about the channeling and these words ‘Soul’s Temple’… Madhu had some pain and I simply asked him to affirm that the pain is my Soul’s Temple… and the pain vanished in a few seconds… Hemant tried it out too… Over the next few days both of them went on a pain management spree by helping anyone who had physical aches and pains… While chatting with my friend Sharon Fernandes, we realised that these words ‘Soul's Temple’ are beyond just pain management words.. They help you dig into the soul’s purpose of life… I taught this phil

osophy to some of the healer friends and students and they reverted with astonishment and excitement… Many of them have stopped using other modalities as their healing method had got greatly simplified. And the number of healing sessions they needed got cut down to almost 1 or at the most two.

As I started using these words to help people with a variety of issues, I realised that nothing could be simpler than healing with these marvellous healing words… 'Soul's Temple'.

I decided to start training facilitators to create ripples of transformative shift… But had lot of incomplete projects lined up… Interestingly a lot of volunteers and professionals came forward to help me out so that I could focus more on Soul's Temple Facilitator's  Program and facilitate the facilitator's journey.

By now I have trained facilitators in two batches, one in Dharamshala and the second batch in Mumbai…. The next batch is starting in Goa from 31st August, 2013 to 3rd September, 2013.  There are just a few seats left, in case anyone is still interested in joinin


There is no charge for this training, only a refundable deposit to ensure that the learning spreads to benefit people around you in the manner, Master Kutumi has directed us… We get generous contributions from people who have benefitted from this program. The next program is being organised by Mr. Harry Pramodhan from Goa, purely out of a spirit of contribution without any financial expectation. The previous program was organised in the training room generously offered by Dr. Rupinder and Dr. Suneeta Sodhi. Of course all the participants generously contributed towards the expenses.

There were quite a few beautiful moments of learning for me personally while training these groups of facilitators… and one of them was… Do not worry about healing others… Just heal that part of you which had the need to see this unhealed issue… We experimented in the group…. If someone had a sense of frustration, each one in the group would only heal that part of themselves which felt frustrated and the feeling of frustration got healed en-mass amongst all the group members including the person who complained of it originally.


Temple technique could be combined with Redikall Healing, Redikall Constellation, EET, Regression Therapy, etc. It also effectively addresses Foreign Energies and the person's need to attract them.

The journey has been amazing so far… I have started recording some of the videos which will be published with the consent of the volunteers, to understand how effective and yet how simple this technique is… 

There is a paradigm shift in my concept of healing and 'self-help'. It is all about bowing down to the soul's need for experience. This is just a beginning. I will continue sharing more and more insights through my FB pages. As I know for sure…'You are my Soul's Temple'


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Comment by Dr Jyotika Gupta on August 18, 2013 at 10:01pm

Thanks for sharing Mam

This is a space for healers, seekers, metaphysical explorers. Let's learn and share, to make a positive shift for ourselves and others.


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