There are so many things a big sister does for the younger siblings that maybe no one else can do or even think of doing.

Simply roll back in the years of happiness when your elder sister did something special for you and you didn’t even care for it.

With this post, we might give you some strong reasons to thank your big sister today.

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She is the firewall that keeps your parents anger away from you

If you have made a mistake, you might expect your parents to bombard you with a long lecture and even beatings in some case. However, your sister was always there to save you. Yes, an older sibling might do it, but an older sister always makes it a point to save the younger sibling from the shouting of the parents. In the process, she takes all the flak and might not even let you know.

So, thank her today!


She made the line clear for you

Years before you were born, your parents had their first blessing from God in the form of your sister. With the first child, there are a number of trial and error methods adopted. This means that there are so many things that might have gone wrong when your elder sister was the lone kid. However, by the time you were born, your parents had some experience, and you were at ease. Moreover, there was a semi-mommy in the form of your elder sister who made it a point to take extra care of you and tag you along to keep you happy.

So, thank her today!


She is a backup option that never fails

If your friends made an attempt to make you feel like a loser, your sister would always come in front and tell off your enemies. So, her efforts were rewarding, and you might even hug her to thank her. However, if you were the little, annoying brat, you might have shooed off your sister too. This means that you have let her down and let her efforts go down the drain because you were too rude to thank her.

So, thank her today!


A role model

You don’t get an opportunity to have a role model at an early stage because you were too young to choose one. However, your elder sister was always there, and she made it a point to make you feel that she is a good role, model. Although, she might have never said it, you often think have made an unconscious effort to be like your elder sister in some way or the other.

So, thank her today!


She fought with you

Well, one might think that it was a silly, and stupid thing and maybe the logics say that you are correct. However, her constant efforts to fight with you were one of the easy to keep you busy when you were bored and had nothing interesting to do.

Think about the silly fights and you will still laugh at it because your elder sister made it a point to make that little incident memorable.

So, thank her today!


She was your teacher

Parents at home and teachers at school have always been your teacher, but your elder sister was one who was your teacher at home and in school. So, she is one of the biggest reasons that you passed your exams with ease. Even if they weren’t easy, it was her efforts to ensure that you at least pass the exams.

So, thank her today!


Her advice was golden

It was her advice that helped you get into the best school or college.

It was her advice that helped you make that annoyingly sweet mango flavor your favorite flavor today.

It was her advice that you chose a good vehicle and that too in a budget set by your parents. At times, the best option was slightly out of budget, but she broke her savings piggy bank to ensure that you get the best without letting your parents know about it.

So, thank her today!


She made you fashionable

If you are the true fashionista today, it is her constant efforts to make you look cool that have paid off and your sister has been proud to call you her sibling. Yes, even before your parents or friends, it is your elder sister who feels proud of your achievement.

So, fashion and pride is a gift from her to you, since birth!

So, thank her today!


You could always bank on her

Whatever may be the situation, you could always bank on her and banking on her would mean that you could fix a choice, and she would take care of the rest. It was her headache, and she never made you feel like you or your problem was a headache for her. So, you should definitely make an effort to go to her and give her a big tight hug and thank her for the efforts she took for you and made you feel good about everything.


A gift that God has given you should be valued.

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