Other's authority over you often bothers you and creates unhealthy emotional response towards them and of course towards yourself for allowing yourself to be dominated or adversely affected by the authority figure.
What would happen if you deny this authority or authority figure?
What would be your life in the absence of the authority figure?
Most of the time you give authority to the authority figures because it suits you somewhere. 
You are also a beneficiary of the authority. 
It is only when you see more disadvantage instead of advantages from the authority or authority figures, you start rebelling silently or overtly.
However, if you really examine the situation, you certainly have the authority. You have at least the authority to sanction the role play of the authority figure in your life. 
Recognise your authority, honor your authority and you will be able to honor the authority figures in your life. 

The Redikall Soul Bath Statement for you:

The Redikall Healing Consciousness is purifying, energizing, completing, grounding and protecting me from the authority figures in my life. 

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