Why are we here? What are we doing? How things happen? 

There will always be questions, theories and explanations for everyone’s existence, justifications for the need to control and reasons for being on this Earth. There will always be ways to achieve what one wants to. May be the right way or the wrong way or your way or the only way…

Numerous options, a million thoughts but your choice and your way. Always remember, it has to be your way that is required to be chosen and stuck to, no matter where it takes you. For that will be your chosen path decided by you. The reason and intention you follow someone is to explore the path. No Guru or Master will ever be able to show you the path because it is your path. They can be a catalyst to guide you through your journey. To follow someone is good as long as you reach your original state of consciousness. When you get in touch with the divine and amazing being that is You, you start realizing what a facade you have been living! So many years have been wasted chasing the ghosts that others have created around you, to only play puppet as side role in their life’s drama. It takes a great deal of self-work and insights to understand that whom you have been giving energies in playing these puppets for, and with, and to ….

It might be very scary or may be deeply hurting or often very enlightening, as you are just doing it out of sheer unawareness of your path. Anyone can be programmed robot for the other person under the guise of friendships, love, dedication and glory and yet, you have to play that puppet in the drama to exactly understand the nuances of the game. The Director of the game is the one who controls everything. The moment you take your back seat as the Director and play the whole reel of the staged game in front of you, you exactly know, what a facade everything and everyone has been. This drama was just meant to make you understand and experience how being human in this realm makes you feel. The awareness imparted makes you realize that it’s time to pay gratitude to each of the co actor and the back stage team who have been keeping up with your idiosyncrasies for such a long time. In some cases, it takes years to wake up to the TRUTH that appreciate what a Divine piece of creation you are! And what a Divine purpose is your creation!

Once the awareness sets in, you know that you have been through the whole of your life just to realize that what a beautifully magnificent piece of life script you have chosen to play. The only difference is that now you know  - your role as a Director, as an actor, a script writer, an actor, a singer, a musician…everyone , every role, every function…. Created by you, for you, to you…to reach here, where you are… An Aware Human… who knows that how valuable it is to KNOW the KNOWN and the UNKNOWN.

For that helps you to make your choices, take up tasks and define your path for you…

People will come and go, leave you only to be replaced by better ones who can guide you to your best …

The universe is always open for all kinds of communication, throw anything and it will return for sure, with an answer, sooner or later...

For it has the Divine power to process everything….creation as well as destruction…


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Comment by Sonal Shukla on July 5, 2018 at 6:34am

Thanks Aatmn, for all the guidance and inspiration!

Comment by Aatmn on July 3, 2018 at 6:25am

Keep it up Sonal Shukla. It is a pleasure reading your blog...

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