There is a difference between listening and hearing.

A 5-year kid was fully focused on his doodling when his dad called him to come to the dining room for dinner. The child continued with his creative engagement, ignoring Dad's command. Dad was patient and thought he was not loud enough so he raised his voice and in a bit more commanding voice called his son once again without any response from him. The doodling continued with full focus.

The authority of Dad was challenged now and he went closer to his Son and in a very stern voice he asked his Son, "I called you to the dining room, were you not listening?" The Son looked up and observed his dad's face. Obviously, the dad was upset.

"I was hearing Dad."
Dad got the point.

What goes around comes around. So many a times, when children and family members speak, we hear and do not listen to. The hearing is a mechanical act. We hear and ignore the sound such as the sound of a train, traffic, aircraft, air conditioners and fan.  We almost never notice them or be bothered by them. Some family members, close friends and relatives often fall into that category, we hear them and not necessarily listen to them. 

When you ignore the communication, they double their effort and often add to your irritation and a vicious cycle begin. 
Step out of this game. Listen to people around you with a keen interest. Give them the space to express verbally.

Avoid criticising, judging, advising, interfering when they are verbally expressing themselves or their concerns. Listen to the words they are uttering. Listen to the unspoken expressions, in-between their words. 
At times, they want you to just listen to them and not react or respond. Take time to reflect upon what was expressed and respond appropriately as per the need. 

You can be a sounding board for someone. They will just express and resolve the matter on their own if you remain quiet while actively listening to them. Be a patient listen and ask questions for further clarification. 
You may have a great gift available to you. Even if the words are repetitive in nature and you may not seem to have anything new to gain from the communication, you can still have an opportunity to strengthen your relationship through your benevolent act of active listening.

When you actively listen to others, you naturally invite them to listen to you as well.

So decide for yourself today. Are you going to hear others or are you going to listen to others?

The Soul Bath Statement for you is:

"The Redikall Healing Consciousness is purifying energizing, completing grounding and protecting me as I listen to others with a deep interest and understanding."

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