Trees are Visible Gods ! - The Gular Fig.

Trees are Visible Gods ! – The Gular Fig.

English: Country Fig Tree
Sanskrit: ‘Ksheera Vriksha’
‘Hema Dugdha’
Telugu: ‘Medi Chettu’ (or)
‘Bodda Chettu’ (or)
‘Athi Chettu’.
Latin: Ficus racemosa ; Ficus glomerata
(Family: Moraceae)

This ‘Country Fig’ tree is also of divine nature ! In this there are two types viz.’ Sadharana Medi’ and ‘ Brahma Medi’. Both are having almost same characters.

Most of the plant parts are having Medicinal properties. The bark of the tender fruits is savor to taste. Fully ripped fruits are sweet and they are healthy to body. (reduces body heat).

This tree is also perennial and raises up to 20-30 ft. It is usually seen in the forests and fields too. These are commonly seen in ‘Shirdi Sai and ‘Dattatreya’ temples. The berries develop to the branches and to the trunk also. Each and every plant part contains latex. The figs are liked by children and birds ! The dried twigs of this tree will be used in performing ‘Agni Hothra’ or ‘Homa’ or ‘Yagnas’.

Medicinal Properties:

1.The decoction prepared from the bark of this tree cures red and white discharge problem in ladies and strengthens the uterus and make it healthy.
2.If the decoction is gargled in the mouth, the swollen and soft gums become hard and healthy.
3.The dried powder when mixed with oil, becomes an ointment. If it is applied to wounds , it heals wonderfully!
4.The leaf powder mixed with Honey and when taken reduces the bilious nature. It enhance the life span by restoring semen and strength.
5.The cotton dipped in the latex drawn from the branches and other tree parts heals the swellings/ mumps etc. It should be done 2-3 times.
6.The Fig juice and Honey will reduce the burning sensation of the palms, and feet!
7.The above mixture also reduces respiratory disorders like T.B, Asthama, Bronchitis etc.
8.The powder made from the dried figs when orally taken cures constipation.
9. The root of the country Fig is made into a paste and applied to the feet and massaged to get easy parturition/delivery !
10.The latex of the plant parts when applied to warts, they will drop off in 3-4 days !
11.The powder made from the figs may taken for blood purification/increase of Haemoglobin and give luster and glow to the skin !

This tree , ‘Country Fig’, is considered to be the embodiment of Lord’ Datta threya’ himself residing in the tree ! Devotees worship this tree on Thurse days especially by offering ‘kumkum’ and ‘Turmeric powder’, chanting the related Mantras, Pour 9 mugs of water at the base of the tree, offer sweet as ‘Naivedyam’ and make rounds around the tree 11 times by chanting ‘ Sai Siva Hari oum’ for getting sound health, good wealth and prosperity !
The persons whose planetary position of ‘Lord Sukra’ is unfavorable can sit under this holy tree during thurse days and chant the related Mantras as aremediel measure.

This ‘Country Fig Tree’ is medically and religiously important one, so every one should have this sacred tree in their homes. It also purifies the surroundings by eradicating the air pollution.

Thus, this tree is holy and sacred and is known as sacred ‘Dattathreya Tree’ !

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