Editorial by Monisha Parwani
Start taking a conscious charge of your thoughts as your thoughts create your reality.
We have all read the book “The Secret,” “The Attractor Factor,” and “Manifest Your Destiny,” all of which focus on how to manifest what you want in your life. The more we focus on what we want, the easier it is to attain. But wait, if the underlying emotional charge of a positive thought is negative, then the negative energy charge attracts the negative.
Too bizarre to believe? Read on.
14 years before the sinking of the Titanic, an American by the name of Morgan Robertson wrote a book entitled, “Futility.” In it, he conceived of a fabulous Atlantic Ocean liner called Futility.
She was 800 ft long, triple screw and carried 3000 passengers. Believed to be unsinkable, the liner carried only a few lifeboats. Then one night, the author filled her to the brim with the rich and complacent and sunk her into the Atlantic.
“The Titanic was built 800 feet long-triple screw, believed to be unsinkable and capable of carrying 3000 passengers. Completed 14 years after the fictitious “Futility” was penned, the Titanic sailed out of Southampton, her maiden voyage filled to capacity with the wealth of Europe. Five days later, this glorious ship struck an iceberg and sank on a cold April night.”
The book written by Mr. Robertson was fictional but we do know that a luxury liner was built 14 years later and carried the same kind of passenger list and went down in the same manner as the imaginary ship bearing its same description.
Believe it
So did we make the Titanic sink? What do you think? Thousands of people read the book, thousands of people energized the same thought towards it, with an actual luxury liner going down 14 years later. Too much of a coincidence or manifestation of our collective thoughts?
Let’s talk of war. Who likes war? War means death and destruction of property and Planet Earth. All of us reading this article agree that we dislike war. If majority of the world’s population is against war, then why do we still have wars? The Middle East War, the India – Pakistan constant war of words, the war of one religion against the rest of all religions...
Believe it
When there are protests against war, there is an emotional charge generated towards the common dislike for war with a focus on the death and destruction aspect of it. Collective negative energy channeled towards “destruction” would still cause war. We can see evidence in the American war against Afghanistan. Even though the Americans protested against war, they could not stop it from happening. Anytime a person is "against" or "anti" something, it gives energy to the very thing that the person detests. The way to operate against it most effectively is to put energy toward the alternative. In this case, Peace.
Mother Teresa, Nobel peace prize winner and receiver of India’s highest civilian award of honor - the Bharat Ratna - was once asked if she would take part in the anti-war rally. To this, Mother Teresa replied that she would rather take part in a “pro-peace rally.”
Who does not know Mahatma Gandhi, also meaning “Great Soul?”
He is known by all as the principal instrument of leading India to Independence by following a pro-peace movement. He maintained that if someone hits you on one cheek, offer your other cheek to him as well. His policies inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world. He focused on attaining peace rather than fighting for peace.
I had the pleasure of attending a workshop by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len a few months ago. Dr Len says that everything in our universe is a reflection of our own thoughts and memories.
So how do you explain wars, calamities and natural disasters? That we had a role to play also in attracting natural disasters? I was skeptical about it.
Every night just before sleeping, many of us have a tendency to watch the latest news and current headlines. With so many news channels now being aired, many of us surf through till we reach the most sensational news .We watch it, condemn or sympathize it and sleep on that thought. That thought enters our subconscious mind, which is 6000 times more powerful that the conscious mind. The mind is put into motion to generate thought, which inspires an emotion. Every emotion generated has an electrical impulse. The more people generating the same emotion will hang around like a cloud of gloom waiting to manifest somewhere. Be it on Planet Earth, or in the form of George Bush or even Osama Bin Laden.
Yes, the collective consciousnesses have created these great personalities. So don’t we attract these very disasters then?
In Dubai, everyone knows that there is a health campaign against breast cancer. Every year hundreds of people walk against this cause raising funds for cancer patients and research. But let’s look at this again. Our local newspaper on October 7th stated that there is an increase in breast cancer patients in the UAE. Women as young as 20-25 are showing this disease. Shouldn’t the numbers have gone down?
My teacher Dr Yuvraj Kapadia once said to us that he does not have health insurance. Most of us were aghast at this. To this he replied that if he had health insurance, that meant he is already sending out thoughts of himself falling sick sometime in the future. So rather than dwelling on falling sick, he’d rather imagine himself to be healthy. Can’t really defy that logic, can you?
Too much of awareness also can work against you; let’s take swine flu for example. A lot has been said about it. It is written about daily in newspapers, talked about and seen on the radio and TV shows. What do we get? Frantic people looking on in more fear. But guess what, the more you fear something, the more you attract it towards yourself. Focus on Health instead.
Believe it
Why did Barrack Obama win the Nobel Peace Prize? He came into power with expectations of the American people and the world for eradicating racism and “promoting peace.” Outcome? He won the Nobel Peace Prize even though he has only been in power 9 months. Collective positive energy channeled in that direction?
Would you like to see a peaceful world? You know what to do.
1. Change your inner world. The outer will follow.
2. The news channels are doing more harm than good.
3. Focus on peace rather than anti-war.
4. Focus on health campaigns.
5. Believe in yourself and love yourself. The rest will follow.

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Comment by Anita J on November 22, 2009 at 10:07am
Thank you for this post. It's so appropriate.

This is a space for healers, seekers, metaphysical explorers. Let's learn and share, to make a positive shift for ourselves and others.


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