Dear Friends,


It doesn't matter if EVERYTHING else you've tried has failed.


You're about to discover a breakthrough nutritional solution that can help you get your blood pressure under control—even if you've been struggling with it for years.


This FREE online report offers a three-step simple approach that really WORKS. It gets to the root of your problem by attacking the culprits that are causing your blood pressure to skyrocket in the first place.


When those three troublemakers are dealt with, it'll be easy for you to keep your blood pressure in the healthy range.


So why spend another day struggling with blood pressure problems?


If you're finding it downright impossible to maintain healthy blood pressure—even when you take several prescription medicines—what you're about to discover may shock you.

Researchers have found that a whopping 30% of the 74.5 million Americans struggling with their blood pressure suffer from a little-known health robber I call "Resistant Blood Pressure (RBP)." In other words...

...22.35 million folks continue to have blood pressure problems even though they:

This special BLOOD PRESSURE issue contains studies and research from leading institutions including...

  • Journal of Nutrition
  • Journal of Medicinal Food
  • Journal of the American College of Nutrition
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • Nutritional Neuroscience
  • University of California at Davis
  • USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging
  • British Journal of Nutrition
  • Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry
    • Exercise regularly!
    • Stick to a healthy diet!
    • And take three or more medicines—including water pills!

Is that you or a loved one?

But today, I want to focus on blood pressure—YOUR blood pressure. And I want to show you how you can have healthy blood pressure naturally.

So my promise to you is this: Give me just 10 minutes of your time—and I will show you a breakthrough nutritional solution that helps you get your blood pressure under control—even if you've been struggling with it for years. In fact, you're about to discover...

The three-step secret to healthy blood pressure—it works even when others fail!

In my practice, I've discovered the most successful way to keep your blood pressure healthy is to attack the three most overlooked culprits that can shoot your blood pressure through the roof. And this simple approach works—even when other attempts have failed in the past.

So follow this three-step approach—and you too can keep your blood pressure in the healthy range:

Step #1: Remove calcium from your arteries for
optimum blood flow!

Each and every day, your blood pumps through 100,000 miles of arteries, veins and capillaries. The diameter of your veins and arteries affects the rate of blood flow and the amount of pressure needed to pass through your arteries. The bigger the opening, the less pressure is needed.

So what do you think happens when those blood vessels get lined with layers and layers of calcium plaque deposits?

You guessed it! The pathway narrows and your blood literally has to squeeze through those arteries and veins—causing your blood pressure to skyrocket.

Now, imagine a simple nutrient that can quickly help remove calcium from your blood vessels and keep them wide open for healthy blood flow.

It's called Vitamin K2. And here's why it's the first part of my three-step program for healthy blood pressure.

You probably know of the more common vitamin K1. This is the form of vitamin K that's readily available in green vegetables. And it's very important for normal blood clotting.

But vitamin K2—also known as menaquinone—is very different. Vitamin K2 is essential for your cardiovascular health because of its amazing ability to utilize calcium.

In fact, vitamin K2 acts like a shuttle bus. It moves unwanted calcium out of your arteries and delivers that calcium to your bones—where it's needed for bone health! Numerous studies show the amazing power of vitamin K2. For example...

Journal Of Nutrition

The prestigious Rotterdam Study published in the Journal of Nutrition shows patients with the highest levels of vitamin K2 experience better cardiovascular health.




  • Alcohol
  • Sodium-Potassium Imbalance
  • Excess weight
  • Heredity
  • Poor nutrition
  • Poor fitnes
  • Stress
  • Insulin overload
  • Type “A” personality traits


An additional five-year follow-up study of more than 4,400 elderly patients confirmed the original findings: The more vitamin K2 in your body, the healthier your arteries!

But before you go taking any vitamin K2—please know this:

Not all vitamin K2 products are alike. In fact, most of the supplements on the market are downright misleading. Here's why:

Vitamin K2 contains many subtypes including MK-1 through MK-13. But without a doubt the subtype of vitamin K2 you need for healthy blood pressure is MK-7. This is the actual shuttle-bus nutrient that moves calcium out of your arteries and into your bones!

But since MK-7 is expensive to produce, most vitamin companies give you the cheaper and inferior MK-4 subtype. Don't settle for this—it won't get the job done for you!

You need the bioavailable and highly active long chain MK-7 to constantly help remove calcium from your arteries to keep blood vessels wide open for healthy blood flow and normal blood pressure!

MK-7 has been shown in numerous studies to actually extract calcium from the blood and arteries. These are the calcium deposits that can line the walls of your arteries—and make blood flow more difficult. My friend, do you understand what this means?

With this amazing nutrient, you can help keep your arteries clear of dangerous calcium plaque... promote healthy blood flow... keep your blood pressure healthy and under control... and strengthen your bones to boot! All without any nasty side effects!

Now after regularly removing calcium from your arteries with vitamin K2, you need this next step to promote healthy blood flow...


Step #2: Relax your arteries for healthy blood pressure!

For optimal blood pressure—you need balanced levels of a gaseous molecule called Nitric Oxide (NO)

NO is naturally produced in your body from arginine and oxygen. Simply put, NO signals the surrounding blood vessels to relax.

When your blood vessels are relaxed, they can open up and allow blood to easily pass through. This widening process is called vaso dilation. And it's important because vaso dilation naturally INCREASES your blood flow and DECREASES your blood pressure.


NO can also help keep your blood platelets from sticking together and becoming thick like ketchup. Studies show that low levels of NO have been linked to blood pressure problems, as well as more serious heart problems.

The good news is: Mother Nature's pharmacy contains a remarkable nutrient that has a profound effect on your body's NO production. It's called Grapeseed Extract.

Numerous studies show the benefits of grapeseed extract when it comes to promoting healthy blood pressure. For example...

In a study presented at the FASEB 2007 conference, researchers tried to determine the effect of grapeseed extract on 22 patients with early signs of potential blood pressure problems. They selected this group because more than 69 million American adults fall into this category—putting them at a higher risk for serious heart problems.

The patients were divided into two groups: The grapeseed extract group was given 300 milligrams per day for eight weeks. The other group received a placebo. Blood pressure readings were recorded at the start and end of the test period. The results?

The grapeseed extract group reduced their systolic (upper number) blood pressure by 8.3 millimeters of mercury and their diastolic (lower number) by 5.7 mmHg! In other words, many of these folks were no longer worried about their blood pressure—it returned to the normal range!

Another similar study was conducted, but this time it included people with metabolic problems—which increase your risk of developing cardiovascular and blood sugar health scares.

After just four weeks, the study results showed the ones taking just 150 mg of grapeseed extract experienced a 13 mmHg drop in systolic and a 6 mmHg drop in diastolic blood pressure!

Here's what makes grapeseed extract such a powerful blood pressure aid...

...Turns out this amazing nutrient not only causes blood vessels to relax by controlling nitric oxide...

...It also has the uncanny ability to act as a natural calcium channel blocker—and prevent calcium from entering in the muscle cells of the heart and arteries!

This is phenomenal news because calcium causes plaque to build up in your arteries! With grapeseed extract, you have a natural plaque blocker at your disposal!

So far you've seen how you can help keep calcium out of your arteries with vitamin K2 and boost healthy production of nitric oxide to promote relaxed arteries for optimal blood flow with grapeseed extract.

Now, you need this third amazing nutrient to help keep your blood pressure healthy—especially when you're under stress...

Step #3: Ease blood vessel constriction and water retention! This secret weapon is proven 98% effective!

Scientists know the enzyme called Angiotensin II is notorious for constricting blood vessels. This can cause damage to the lining of your blood vessels as the blood tries to squeeze through. It can also make your arteries hard and stiff.

What's more, this nasty enzyme can elevate your sodium levels—causing you to retain water—and raise your blood pressure.

But you can help stop production of Angiotensin II with Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme (ACE) inhibitors!

And when you inhibit this enzyme—you can help prevent your arteries from stiffening, tightening and reducing blood flow.

The good news is: Research now shows an amazing superfruit contains natural ACE-inhibiting properties. And guess what? This nutritional powerhouse may already be in your refrigerator!

It's blueberries! Surprised?

Most folks are. But clinical trials and research studies now prove a highly concentrated form of blueberries may just be the unsung heroes for promoting healthy blood pressure. Take a look...

In one study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, researchers treated cells with ACE. Then they exposed the cells to two different concentrations of blueberry extract. The results?

The cells treated with the highest concentration of blueberry extract inhibited ACE by a whopping 98%! Can you believe that? 98%! But that's not all...


It may be the "Silent Killer"—but you do get warning signs!

You may not think you have high blood pressure—but if you're experiencing any of these early warning signs—get your blood pressure checked immediately:

  • Morning headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Ringing in your ears
  • Nosebleeds
  • Depression
  • Blurred vision
  • Tension
  • Flushing in your face
  • Fainting

And if your blood pressure reading is more than 120 over
80—this is your WAKE-UP call to ACT NOW!


Journal of the American College of Nutrition

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists discovered eating wild blueberries can help prevent oxidative stress. Remember, oxidative stress can trigger many serious health problems including hardening of the arteries and heart failure! Wild blueberries contain powerful antioxidants that combat free radical damage that cause oxidative stress!

Blueberries also contain polyphenols to fight inflammation that can weaken and even seriously damage your blood vessels—and lead to a serious heart or brain problem!

But James Joseph, Ph.D., from the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging reported in the journal Nutritional Neuroscience that polyphenols found in blueberries can improve brain function, enhance memory recall and douse the flames of inflammation!

Promote healthy cholesterol, too!

Scientists at the University of California at Davis report blueberries can also reduce the build up of "bad" LDL cholesterol that contributes to cardiovascular problems.

Researchers with the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported results of an animal study showing blueberries were more effective in lowering cholesterol levels than the cholesterol medication, Ciprofibrater. Here's the proof...

All the hamsters in the study were fed a high-cholesterol diet. One group received blueberry skins and the other group received the drug. The results?

The drug group lowered their cholesterol levels by 17%. Not bad. But the blueberry group lowered their cholesterol levels by an astounding 37%! Much better—and safer than prescription drugs!

Researchers attributed the cholesterol-lowering effect to a compound in blueberries called pterostilbene (pronounced: "terr-oh-still-bean"). This is an amazing compound that causes your liver cells to remove excess cholesterol.

Was this study a fluke?


In another study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, Canadian researchers supplemented the diet of pigs with about 2 cups of blueberries a day. The result?

The pigs' low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or "bad cholesterol" dropped 20%! That's how powerful blueberries can be!

And since most of us don't eat 2... 4... or even 6 cups of blueberries every day—you see why I include a potent form of wild blueberry extract as part of my three-step program for healthy blood pressure. It's the final step to help you maintain healthy blood pressure—safely and naturally!


Five more surprising causes of blood pressure problems

You probably know that your blood pressure can be high if you're overweight... suffer from blood sugar imbalances... or have kidney problems. But here are five more little-known causes of uncontrollable blood pressure:

  • Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)—this occurs when the muscles in your throat area relax too much while you sleep. This allows your tonsils and adenoids to collapse and block your upper airways during sleep—causing a drop in your oxygen intake. Common symptoms include snoring, gasping for air while asleep and feeling drowsy during the day. According to the Sleep Resource Foundation, 83% of people with resistant hypertension also suffer from sleep apnea.
  • Aldosteronism—occurs when your adrenal glands secrete too much of the hormone called aldosterone. This causes fluid retention, which raises your blood pressure. Your potassium levels often drop significantly when there is too much aldosterone in your body—and this can cause muscle spasms, overall weakness and even temporary paralysis!
  • Over-the-counter painkillers—including nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen (Motrin® or Advil®) and naproxen (Aleve®) all promote fluid retention!
  • Popular decongestants and even diet pills—can narrow your blood vessels and raise blood pressure! What's more, amphetamines, stimulants, drugs taken for attention deficit disorders and even oral contraceptives cause fluid retention and can escalate your blood pressure!
  • Salt—this may not be a surprise to you, but most folks don't realize that salt creates a double whammy when it comes to your blood pressure. That's because a high-sodium diet not only increases your blood pressure, but it can also wipe out the effects of many blood pressure drugs!

When it comes to maintaining healthy blood pressure—you can see why the odds are stacked against you. Fortunately, you can take control of your blood pressure and keep it in the normal range—without dangerous drugs

Maintain healthy blood pressure and lower your risk of:

  • Heart and brain problems!
  • Poor kidney function!
  • Vision problems!
  • Blood sugar imbalances!
  • Weight gain and bloating!
  • Sore, achy joints!
  • Mood swings!


Once I saw how well my three-step plan for battling blood pressure helped my patients, I worked closely to

  • Clear out unwanted calcium from your arteries!
  • Keep your arteries, veins and capillaries soft and supple!
  • Help reduce blood vessel tightness and water retention—with a natural ACE inhibitor!
  • Vitamin K2 as MK-7—to remove calcium from the walls and tissues of your arteries! Calcium deposits can turn your soft, supple, elastic arteries into rigid, lead pipes—waiting to burst. MK-7 functions as a "shuttle service"—moving calcium out of your arteries and delivering that calcium into your bones—where it's needed! With MK-7 you get optimum cardiovascular protection and maximum bone health, too!
  • Grapeseed Extract —unique and exclusive grapeseed extract that's clinically proven to help promote relaxed blood vessels. Its powerful vasodilating effect is why many medical experts call it "Nature's calcium channel blocker!" it  works by enhancing the production of nitric oxide (NO)—a signaling molecule produced in your arteries to induce relaxation in the smooth muscles of your arteries. Relaxed arteries allow optimum blood flow without raising your blood pressure!
  • Bluebery Extract -  wild blueberry extract—Nature's amazing ACE inhibitor! This remarkable super food helps block the formation of Angiotensin II—an amino acid peptide that constricts blood vessels and promotes water retention—a double whammy that often triggers unhealthy blood pressure!

Packs MORE antioxidant punch than red wine!

The high fiber content and the ability to dissolve the "bad cholesterol" make blueberries an ideal nutrient to reduce your risk of cardiovascular problems. Take a look...

In a study published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, researchers found that 4 ounces (oz.) of white wine contained .47 millimole per liter (mmol/L) of free radical absorbing antioxidants... red wine provided 2.04 mmol/L... but a wine made from high bush blueberries delivered a whopping 2.42 mmol/L of these protective compounds!

This is one reason why I searched diligently to find a top notch, potent form of blueberry extract to give a punch which delivers a powerful antioxidant concentration of anthocyans and polyphenols to protect you from damaging effects of free-radical damage and safeguard your circulatory system. In fact, 1 gram of wild blueberry extract contains a whopping 6,500 Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) units! That's MEGA antioxidant protection

Blood pressure out of control?
Starting to worry about your blood pressure?
Got a history of blood pressure problems in your family?

I don't have to tell you that unhealthy blood pressure can be a serious problem. This "silent killer" can lead to serious heart and brain problems... blood sugar imbalances... out of control cholesterol... and kidney problems—just to name a few!

So knowing you have unhealthy blood pressure—or that you're at risk of developing high blood pressure—is a GOOD thing! Why? Because you can take action NOW to keep it in the normal range and maintain your precious health.


Is your weight causing your blood pressure to shoot through the roof? Find out now...

Take your height over 5 feet in inches, multiply by five.

Add 110 if you're a woman or 120 if you're a man.

That's your weight goal to help keep your blood pressure in the normal range!

You can fudge the numbers about 5% to 7%.

If you achieve the weight described by this formula, you shouldn't have high blood pressure from being overweight.

Let's take an example: Ralph is 5' 7"—that's 67 inches.

Seven times five is 35, add 120 and you get 155 pounds as Ralph's desired weight.

Now, if Marsha is 5' 7", her desired weight is 145.


Want To Lower Your Blood Pressure In Less Than 24 Hours?

Get moving!

Numerous studies show physical activity can drop your systolic (top number) by 4 mmHg and diastolic (bottom number) by 3 mmHg on average.

Try to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. And remember, it doesn't have to be strenuous exercise—a brisk walk with your dog can work wonders to promote healthy blood pressure!

Naturopathic way to  Lower Your Blood Pressure

Remember the formula of 321 to drink water

Steps :-

Every day on getting up before you brush your teeth, drink 3 glasses of potable drinking water by just sipping it slowly as this will moisten your internal system and cool it down.

Drink 2 glasses of water just one hour before you have your lunch. Again sip the water the way you have done it in morning. Please do not drink water while having your food.

Drink 1 glass of water exactly at the time of sunset. Keep sipping the water the way you have done it in morning….

One can have beetroots to detoxify your liver which in turn will normalize your high blood pressure. Avoid taking salt as far as possible.

Do this above 3 steps for one month…your high blood pressure will be eradicated completely without any medication.


Thank you.


Dr Darius H Umrigar  MD (AM)

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Comment by Dr Darius Homi Umrigar M.D.(A.M) on November 21, 2016 at 3:17pm
Dear Humble request to you is the check the thyroid of this person. Avoid taking any pills and keep in mind the basic prverb that Let Food be your Medicine and medicine be your food. Every dose of Medicine gives rise to another doze of medicine so let food be your medicine.

For any blood pressure problems one has to avoid salt at all costs. There is a unique load on the kidneys leading to raise in blood pressure.

This is why I have recommended beetroots as they regulates the blood pressure by detoxing your liver and kidneys. it purifies your blood. Beetroot must be boiled and four in a day to be comsumed.

Even the Lemon grass decoction will be helpful. Decoction means take two cups of water add ten strains of lemon grass boil it till the water comes to half the quantity - that is to one cup. Pour the hot water into the cup and add few drops of lemon in it and drink it hot. It regulates your blood pressure so also a natural immune booster it raises your immune system and make you more healthy.

Just to add further to expand the knowledge bank,

Beetroots helps to cure blood cancer and liver cancer even at the last stages of the individual.

Lemon grass has the property to reverse any stage of any type of cancer. This is the marvel of mother nature.

So instead of popping up the pill to take out your ills why cant we have a proper foods to eradicate the disease condition of your body. Hence the proverb of let food be your medicine.

Dr Darius H Umrigar MD ( AM )
Comment by Pei-I on November 20, 2016 at 7:01pm

Thank you for your time to respond my question.

The person has gained weight and is bloated for more than 8 months now, but after urine and blood tests, doctors still can't find out what is causing his health problem. 1.

Can he take his prescriptions at one meal and the 3 supplements that you suggest at another meal?


Can he take low salt beetroots can if we can't find the fresh beetroots from the stores?


Is lemon grass drink the same with lemon grass decoction?


How can we make our own lemon grass decoction?

Thank you again for your help!!!

Comment by Dr Darius Homi Umrigar M.D.(A.M) on November 15, 2016 at 4:05pm
If the person has been taking high blood pressure drugs, can he/she take the supplements with the drugs together?

NO cannot take togather. Immediately stop the salt intake, especially the iodised salt and start immediately with lemon grass decoction morning and evening 150 ml. plus two beetroots at the time of lunch and two at the time of dinner. because Beetroots regulates your blood pressure.
Dr Darius H Umrigar MD ( AM )
Comment by Pei-I on November 4, 2016 at 4:03am

If the person has been taking high blood pressure drugs, can he/she take the supplements with the drugs together?

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