What Your Face Says About Your Health

Study Yourself in the Mirror to See How Healthy You Are

Nov 24, 2009 Rachel Murphy

Face reading is an ancient art rooted in Chinese philosophy and has been used successfully for centuries despite a lack of scientific backing. Acupuncturist Maura Bright is a member of the British
Acupuncture Council and a leading UK face reader. She helps clients deal with everything from stress and anxiety to hormonal imbalances and digestive problems. "You can tell everything about a person's health by looking at their face once you have learned the art and know what to look for," she said in a telephone interview. Here is her guide to reading your health in your face.

What the Eyes Reveal

If the half-moon shaped area under the eyes is blue or puffy, you are putting pressure on your kidneys, possibly by working or eating too much, worrying, not sleeping, drinking too much caffeine or alcohol and not enough water. Ease off or you could suffer anxiety and panic attacks.

What the Ears Show

If your ears are redder than the skin on your face you are overworking your adrenal glands and need to de-stress, drink plenty of water and de-tox by eating just fruit, veg, fish, wholegrain rice and bread for a few days.

What Lines Reveal

Hook shaped lines between the eyebrows might mean the gall bladder is under stress. Spots and lines on the forehead suggest a diet rich in too much greasy or dairy food and can be the cause of abdominal pain and one-sided headaches. Lines going down the cheek from the inner corner of the
eye are another indication of a bowel problem, such as IBS or constipation. Eat more fibre.

What Colours and Marks Reveal

White spots under the skin or blotches may indicate a yeast infection such as candida or too much dairy or sugar in the diet. A red or swollen chin may mean a weakness in the kidneys or bladder, or possible thrush or cystitis. Avoid yeasty products like bread and beer and drink more water. A
yellow colour around the mouth indicates that digestion is weak and a change in diet is needed. Ditch bad eating habits. A green shade suggests the liver may need attention. Reduce alcohol intake.

What Lips Tell About You

If the lower lip protrudes this shows a sluggish colon and possible bowel disorders. A detox would help. If the top lip is cracked, red or has spots at the corner, you may suffer from stomach acidity caused by an imbalanced diet. Eat a healthy mixture of carbs, protein, dairy, fruit and veg.

What Puffiness and Eyebrows Show

Puffiness around nostrils and lower cheek indicates too many dairy products that produce mucus and congestion in the lungs. Eyebrows that disperse at the ends may indicate thyroid trouble. See your doctor if you have other symptoms like weight gain.


Telephone interview with Maura Bright, November 2007. (For more information, call The Bright Practice on 0207 487 5873 or see www.brightpractice.com.)

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mso-ansi-language:EN-US;mso-fareast-language:EN-US">Read more at Suite101: What Your Face Says About Your Health: Study Yourself in the Mirror to See How Healthy You Are http://chinese-medicine.suite101.com/article.cfm/what_your_face_and_hands_say_about_your_health#ixzz0gzdPrxbK

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