Let’s try to understand why are the real, genuine and powerful healers are so hard to find and where actually they are.

Powerful and real healers are hard to find anywhere nowadays. The reason of it is very easy: all the things happening in this world are too messy. The word ‘messy’ is the most suitable to describe the world situation now. Why is the world got so hard to live and messy? The answer is in the system of values of people, and not only of the modern people who live now in XXI century. In my opinion, during almost whole history known in the books of the entire himanity, the system of values of people of was quite incorrect and wrong. Why? The constant wars in almost every country and ancient civilisation.And every war bore its package of another terrible consequences such as violence, murdering, killing, assassinations, slaughters, destructions, destroyings, exterminations, damages, massacres, beatings, eradications, large-scale deaths, sufferings, ruined places, various losses, deteriorations of ecosystem, mortalities, mistreatment of people and nature, famine, homicides etc. Some scientists canculated that more than 15000 wars were happening during the whole history, and during that wars more than 3.5 milliard people were murdered and killed. But what were the reasons of the wars ? I deem, that the main reason of wars was in the wrong system of values of humans – in their greediness, cupodity, avidity and avarice – the people could not realise that nothing material can be more important than somebody’s life and safety. The most important things are health, life and happiness, and nothing can be more important than them. But, unfortunately, people mostly think that money, territories and influence are more inportant than anything, and they are willing to sacrifice themselves and others for it. That’s why I reckon that the system of people’s values is wrong. And that wrong system has got the whole world in a mess. That mess has become a reason of the wide-spread envy, jealousy and covetousness, pleople has become too willing to demonstrate themselves openly ‘above’ others, show their success, richness, wealth, property and achievements. And that demonstration tends to bear more jealousy and covetousness among people. That situation led to that the real and genuine rich and wealthy and gifted people choose be unknown and live peaceful life, protect their privacy.Also it concerns the genuine healers, who are able to heal the most complicated and uncurable diseases and morbidities. The demand for the genuine healers like that is actually exceedingly high, but their number in comparison with the demand for them is exceedingly low. That is the reason why the genuine healer are not that accessible. But , anyway, where to find the genuine healers? Some of them have individual name-card web-sites. But it is also hard to find , because after finding the patients, they usually can get the reputation and be introduced to the ones who know their patients. After they have got enough people to heal, in some situations they do not use web-sites. Also real healers mostly can be found among the known people who already was helped. As for me, I refer myself right to the category of genuine healer, who can deal with the most hard and uncurable sicknesses and situations. For now, I’m looking for patient and hope to give him a real help and support. I prefer getting acquainted with patients via web-site now. So if you have got a hard problem to solve, u can contact me anytime.

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